429 Cobra JetBrowse our big collection, or try searching for a particular 429 Cobra Jet. Yes, we checked: it is the original, matching numbers unit installed at the factory. Boss 429 hood scoop and hood pins. The Spoiler is done in its original factory color, Competition Blue and is 100% rust free and all metal. 1970 Ford Torino Super Cobra Jet / Drag Pack / 429 / Automatic #127704. $48,500 (mia > miami / dade county) pic. There were several versions of the 429 produced over its 6-year production run which includes the Cobra Jet, Super Cobra Jet, and Thunder Jet. Also, the Hooker Super Competiton headers outpull all the others at. Super Cobra Jet Engine / Drag Pack. It had aluminum heads with extremely large free flowing ports, contoured exhaust. These more pedestrian uses for big-blocks were great for the high-performance divisions, too. For sale we have a 1971 Ford Torino Cobra Jet. As with the FE line of engines, Ford also offered Cobra Jet, Cobra Jet - RamAir, and Super Cobra Jet versions of the 429. ENGINE CODE-Engines for domestic use are denoted bv the use of code letters. The Boss 429 was a "385" motor but with the above changes is not interchangeable with other 429 blocks. 429 super cobra jet engine, not together, build by heinz brothers statesville north carolina, nascar prepped. Also included is a photo gallery of 429. Ford 429 Cobra Jet longblock with intake. This header build kit has everything you need to bring that Ford 429-460 Cobra Jet custom header together. Any other casting number is NOT a Cobra Jet head of any kind. Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet 1971 para GTA San Andreas. I also had Guide Plates made for 429 460 Heads too. The 429 Cobra Jet was rated at a whopping 360 horsepower right out of the box, with an additional 5. Green exterior with Black interior. Release the Kraken!: 80k-Mile 1969 Mercury Marauder X-100 429 Cobra Jet Hardtop Coupe. The 428 Cobra Jet, introduced April 1968, was a high torque, quiet, and inexpensively built engine. 68-69 Torino GT center caps NOS. It's even possible to drop in a 460, four-bolt. Not nearly as popular as its Ford sibling, the Torino Cobra, and its Mopar rivals, the Dodge Super Bee and Plymouth. Even cooler is that this was a Mercury pilot car, which meant. 0l7 Likewise, Jensen said his Torino Cobra does not have the original 429 but he has found a stock 429 plus a 4-speed gearbox to make his car correct. Explore Boss Mustang's photos on Flickr. rq3 That being said, there was much debate as to the actual power output of these engines. Vehicle history and comps for 1971 Ford Mustang MACH-1 429 Cobra Jet VIN: 1F05C173294 - including sale prices, photos, and more. SKU: #G-429CJ-I Category: Group 30 - Gaskets. From the files of the old "Car and Track" footage we find Bud Lindemann heaping praise after praise upon the 429-powered Torino being tested for Car and Track. Be the first to review this product. - If replacing Ford Performance or production Cobra Jet heads, new intake valve notches are required. The 429 Cobra Jet was rated at a whopping 360 horsepower right out of the box, with an additional 5 horsepower added when ordered with the "ram air" shaker hood with functional air scoop. We had the standard 350 to 1 rear-axle ratio. Pdb Video will open in a new window Using the mobile app. Ford claim 335 hp at 5200 rpm for the 428 Cobra Jet versus Huntington's analysis which determined output closer to 410 hp at 5600 rpm. We are suckers for muscle wagons, which is anything with a long roof, lots of cargo room, and a big V8. 351 Cleveland, 429 Cobra Jet Head Guide Plates. Brampton, Ontario, CANADA !! Mustang, Torino, Cyclone, Cougar, that's about it. A car that was produced for a period of less than six months, with a unique body style, and with a 429 Cobra Jet under the hood. Production 429 Cobra Jet intake and exhaust manifolds bolt on. From a flow perspective, it appears that the intake ports are. This Cobra has had one repaint in it's life. 4MV, This is divorced choke (remote choke) style 4 barrel . Mercury's factory literature made clear that the Cobra Jet could be trumped by ordering a performance axle package (Drag Pack), which yielded the 429 Super Cobra-Jet motor. The only way buyers could up the ante for the 429 SCJ was to check the box for the Drag Pack option. y9 "Yo Ken" Miele drove the car to a best time of 9. 8 inches of body length -- all ahead of the front wheels -- and about 140 pounds of curb weight. Here we have an original never run new F 78 14 Space Saver Spare tire that would have been used in a 69 or 70 Shelby Mustang Mach 1 Fastback equipped with the Fold Down rear seat, or cars such as the 428 Cobra Jet or the Boss 302, 351 and Boss 429 which was equipped with trunk mount batteries. You could get that from a set of headers and a better cam, then buy a set of sticky tires with the change. Matching 4 speed transmission and 9“ rear end. 1969 Ford Thunderbird big block 429 cobra jet motor - THUNDERJET*, *AUTOMATIC*, *AC*, West Coast car with zero rust This is a very exceptional T Bird, that is in nice shape and mostly original. The 429 Super Cobra Jet is an interesting case of "smoke and mirrors" by Ford. jk The 1969 Mercury Cyclone Cobra Jet exists in the shadows of the muscle-car world. Then, on April 1, came the 1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet. 50 rear drag test published / superstock magazine 2/70 performance / 13. Also available on the Torino GT and Cobra was the Hurst four speed manual transmission, rear window louvers or sports slats, ribbon style tachometer, rim blow. This Ford 429ci V8 engine was reportedly removed from a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet in the 1980s and was acquired by the seller in 2014. The Ford 429 saw a surge in popularity among drag racers in the early '80s due to NHRA rule changes, and while the Boss remains far too valuable to carve up in a restomod, the Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet are still a good choice for modern builders seeking a unique and powerful hot rod platform. I know the factory #'s are not correct just wondering. This number is located on the OUTSIDE of the head, along the valve cover mounting rail and between the 3rd and 4th exhaust ports. 38 A Tbird comes with a Thunder Jet and they are not the same thing at all. Updated: Today, March 31, 2022 6:27 AM. The car in these images is a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 with a 429 Cobra Jet engine under the hood. The 1971 429 police interceptor, with 11. 1) Nice set D0OE-R heads complete with valves, springs, studs, rockers, pushrods, Aluminum CJ finned Valve Covers. This car still retains its original sheetmetal and matching numbers engine. 1970 Ford Torino Cobra J-Code - Super Cobra Jet - Drag Pack. com, Fantasy Bid, The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions, and all associated graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade dress of Barrett-Jackson or its affiliates. Características: - La calidad de la envolvente de los modelos del juego Forza Motorsport 4 - 2 extras - Apoyo de dos colores - Soporte. Number Nine: Mustang 428 Cobra-Jet. Ford soon found the 429 had great potential as a high performance engine. When the new 1967 390 GT Mustangs were released in the fall of 1966, Ford executives believed that they would be able to match the performance of cars from Chrysler and GM. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A large port (high flow) dual-plane (good mid range) manifold that has the capacity to supply the extremely large (700+) cu. For sale a set of Original D0OE-R cobra jet cylinder heads from a 429 Ford. The Cobra model of the 1970 Torino came standard with a 4-speed close ratio transmission, Hurst shifter Motor Trend tested a 1970 Torino Cobra that included a Ram Air 370 hp, 429 Cobra Jet. It had Screw in studs on the heads with Pushrod guide plates. Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet 1971 for GTA San Andreas. Thanks for droping by!!!Buy and Sell Group. I watched muscle car show and they dynoed factory engines 426 hemi made 800 plus HP 427 rated at 370 HP actually made over 600 HP. no ligger det en amerikansk muskelgodbit: En 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 med 429 Cobra Jet motor under panseret. ← 400 cid 1978 Ford LTD 350 SBC → . 1969 Mustang Coupe Blue with Black interior. 1970-1971 Ford 429 Oem Cobra Jet Thunderjet Alternator Bracket D0se 10156 A. f2o Joined Aug 23, 2006 · 17 Posts. The factory 429 CJ/SCJ engine will have ALL of the following casting numbers: Cylinder heads: D0OE-R. The star of the show is the powerful 375 horsepower 429 Cobra Jet V8 backed by a 4-speed transmission and 9-inch rear end. 1970 Ford Torino Drag Pack 429 Super Cobra Jet Headers and dual exhaust Automatic @Road Test TV A 1971 Mustang Cobra Jet Coupe takes on a 1969 Camaro SS396 in a quarter mile drag race. You could get that from a set of headers and a better cam, then buy a set of sticky. The purpose of this enthusiast site (not affiliated in any way with Ford Motor Company), . This was the end of the muscle car era for the Mustang as low compression engines came in to use for the "bad old days" of the '70s. Bid for the chance to own a 1970 Ford Torino Cobra 429 Super Cobra Jet 4-Speed at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Bud Moore Prototype Front End! #'s Matching 429 Cobra Jet, Marti! You are looking at an extremely rare Factory "C" Code 429 Cobra Jet Torino. The Cobra Jet, rated at 370 HP, was . It's bright red, sounds mean, and runs hard. NOS 71 72 73 Ford Mustang Mach 1 SportsRoof 351 C 429 SCJ Cobra Jet T-5 Germany. 024" hot and cold) See page 3 for explanation of color code. Re: '71 429 cobra jet engine - correct cam shaft to use today SLord82 July 14th 2016, 12:50 pm. If you are lucky enough to own or use to own or just love a CJ car. fmw , Floyd Drake III began writing in 1984. o2 Joined Aug 10, 2006 · 36 Posts. 88o Year for the 429 Cobra Jet to be installed in a Mustang, and it was also the last year the engine was available in the Mustang. Brethren Fast - 429 Cobra Jet, Wigald Boning - Kobra Dance, DAB Sissa Chris Cobra Vs Alex Mica - I Wonder Dalinda Alex Jet Mash Up, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - C is for Cobra. 1970 Ford Torino 429 cobra jet 4 years, 7 months, 19 days ago. Ford rated it at 375hp and 450 foot pounds of torque. Rocker arms were stamped steel 1. The most powerful mass produced engine available in the Cougar was the "427 Cobra Jet" 4-Barrel Also exclusive to the 1971 model year was an even higher performance engine, the "429 Cobra Jet". Under the hood of this 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 SCJ is the optional and coveted 429 Super Cobra Jet V8 paired to the optional 4 speed $42,250. The Cobra Jet engine was officially rated at 335 horsepower at 5600 RPM and a peak torque of 445 lb-ft of torque at 3400 RPM. 1972 Ford Gran Torino SS Fastback Cobra Jet Barn Find 429 Cobra Jet. This Ranchero also has a host of other great factory options beyond A/C including hidden headlights, the Laser side stripes, 3. u0 429 Cobra Jet (rare racing engine of yesteryear, 440-460 hp). AMC Jeep Buick Mercedes-Benz Cadillac Mercury Chevrolet Oldsmobile Chrysler Plymouth. The attention to detail of this complete restoration is outstanding. It belonged to the 385 Ford engine family that included the Ford 460 and the Ford 370. Searching for Engine Mount available on sale? Are you looking for 429 Cobra Jet or similar listings? We represent a sizable variety of Engine Mount, plus products such as Engine Block, Rebuilt, Cylinder, Transmission, plus much more. 1970 Torino GT 429 Super Cobra Jet. Table of contents how much horsepower does a 429 cobra jet make? how much is a 429 motor worth?. Totally stock, complete, running 429 Thunderjet . 429CJ DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: • C or J in VIN • All body styles were available with the 429CJ option including XR7 / Std convertibles and hardtops and the Cougar GT. Super Cobra Jet Heads Ford Racing brings to you the Super Cobra Jet Aluminum Cylinder Heads. It's a J-code car so it's fitted with a matching numbers 429 Cobra Jet Big block with Ram Air and it received a blue printed rebuild when . The 429 Super Cobra Jet (429SCJ) was fitted with a Holley 735 cu ft/min (20. The 429 Cobra Jet (429CJ) was fitted with a Rochester Quadrajet 715 cu ft/min (20. Making the Torino go was obviously the prime consideration, making it stop seemed almost like an afterthought. It is very presentable and looks pretty darn good for being 47 years old! It was sold new at Community Ford in Doniphan, MO on February 28,1970. This Ranchero is 1 of 60 built with the 429 Super Cobra Jet engine and the Drag Pak option. lu9 dv9 The super cobra jet was a normal 429 but was the drag package mustang engine. bo It is extremely well documented with the Marti Report, original dealer invoice and loan paperwork, original title and original build sheet. This amount would give the Torino plenty of power back in 1970 and still today. (Image/Jim Smart) The 429’s poly-angle valves are what make this cylinder head rock. 5y Was looking for a display engine to take to car shows and the gentleman selling it clearly had an original 429 CJ 4 bolt engine that had . The one we have for you is 1 of only 313 Ordered with 429-4V CJ Ram Air with the Four-Speed Close Ration Manual Transmission. This one is dedicated to Parts Expert Mike Jones who has a beautiful, original 73 Gran Torino. favorite this post Mar 27 03 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra gauge cluster $200 (mkt > Le Sueur) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 429 Cobra Jet Crate Engine For Sale 10 out of 10 based on 177 ratings. The car, named after the legendary Cobra Jet drag racers of the late 1960s, was relaunched in 2008 at the The 2012 Cobra Jet will come standard with an aluminum block (previously an option) and the. Boss and Cobra Jet Mustangs: 302, 351, 428 and 429 (Muscle Car Color History) [Craft, Dr John] on Amazon. The Boss 9 had hemispherical heads, 4 bolt main, Forged pistons and rods, forged crank, Solid lifters. It has had only one repaint and the car is all original. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 14, 2007. But the decade of Ford's Total Performance officially ended and this would be the last year for the Cobra Jet engines. There was always a belief that the actual figure was somewhere closer to 425hp, and I have seen one contemporary report. 00 Cash, Serious Calls Only Between 11-9 Pm No Text,. 429 Cobra Jet, as it was known internally, was a variant of the regular 429 engine produced by Ford Motor Company in the early 1970s. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 13, 2007. 1971 Ford Mustang 429 Cobra Jet Tribute Scroll Down for More Pictures Make Ford Model Mustang Year 1971 VIN. torque), in addition to other hardware upgrades. r0f 429 Cobra Jet 1970 Ford Torino - THIS is why Stock Rocks! 1970 Plymouth Cuda 440 vs 1970 Ford Torino 429 Super Cobra Jet (Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race) The first car is a 1970. I had no idea they rebadged torinos as Falcons that. This is a 3 owner car and has been in a collection for the past 20 years. World's top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines. - Up For Sale is Our 1971 Ford Mustang 429 Cobra Jet Tribute-Car Location: Florida-Blue exterior-White interior-Blue carpeting and center console-Custom built Cobra Jet 429 Engine/mild comp. SCJ), that is the special high-performance SUPER Cobra Jet version of the 429 Cobra Jet consisting of a 4-bolt main engine block, higher 11:1 compression forged aluminum pistons, solid lifter mechanical. Would make a great start to a restoration / show car or simply drive it as is. Heads are degreased, pressure checked at machine shop. Under the Ram Air hood resides the stout 429 Super Cobra Jet engine. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] 1970 429 Cobra Jet Ford intake. Air Filter Element FA-41 Boss 302/429 428 Cobra Jet 429 CJ/SCJ 351 Windsor 390GT; Air Filter Element FA-41 Boss 302/429 428 Cobra Jet 429 CJ/SCJ 351 Windsor 390GT $19. To charter, buy a card, own a share or fully own—that is the question To charter, buy a card, own a share or fully own—that is the question Between jammed terminals, seemingly endless security lines, crowded flights and the fiendish h. It doesn't get much better than this. This car is Calypso Coral and the paint is stunning in every way. In the collector world, rare cars with gobs Lift the car's war painted hood and you'll find a date-correct D1VE 429 Cobra Jet V8 which has been. Offered for sale at Nate's Classic Cars is one of the most prominent 1971 Ford Mustangs ever built. Because Ford would not ship the 429 without an engine, all Boss 429s arrived at Kar Kraft’s facility with standard 428 Cobra Jet powerplants installed. The Factory Stock Showdown is unique for the NHRA in that there is an index, but the races are run with no. The Cook Brothers replaced their potent 428 engine combo with a new Holbrook Racing built 429 Ninja for the Factory Stock Showdown at Indy. The 429 Cobra Jet block (Ford part number D0OE-B) was a limited-production block casting with four-bolt mains, thicker main webs and cylinder walls, and a "CJ" cast in the lifter valley. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 13. i9x Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. - 4 speed manual transmission with a Hurst Shifter. The body is straight as a arrow and all the lines match up perfectly Also. Ever since the invention of the automobile, motorists and engineers have used . Anybody has a 351 cobra jet or 429 super cobra jet engine for sale text/call 5714147857 ASAP 13 Answers. Welcome to Club Cobra! The World's largest non biased Shelby Cobra related site! » Representation from nearly all Cobra/Daytona/GT40 manufacturers » Help from all over the world for your questions » Build logs for you and all members » Blogs » Image Gallery » Many thousands of members and nearly 1 million posts! YES! I want to register an account for free right now!. nui This restored classic also came with many other perks and . 1970 Ford Torino NorthWest Edition 429 Cobra Jet for sale | Factory fitted 429 Cobra Jet engine | Rare and Desirable | Recently Serviced |. 68-69 Torino Mint quarter window banana chrome. Exotic Car Trader (833) 495-4078. Hydro rollers are taller than flat tappet or solid rollers which cause pushrod angle issues not found with flat tappets or solid rollers. This '66 Fairlane wagon is a perfect example, with a 428 Cobra Jet V8 stuffed under the hood and enough room to haul all the neighbors kids to soccer practice. Numbers Matching 429ci V8 Engine - D0VE-A 0A204415. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 19, 2020 (Edited) 429 scj heads complete date coded sep18-1969 $1000. Both sets of heads use identical valve sizes, and were both tested with a clay radius on the intake port and a 1 3/4" pipe on the exhaust port. But as it was, it still made sixty miles an hour in seven seconds flat. Special versions of the 429 included the Boss 429, Cobra-Jet and police interceptor models. The 429 Super Cobra Jet engine came with more horsepower than a regular 429 Cobra Jet engine, which end up being a healthy 375 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque from the factory. You don't suppose he was a gearhead. Compared to a plain ol' Thunder Jet 429, a Super Cobra Jet would cost about $500. Also, it's 1 of only 342 that were built in the Grabber Blue. 370 HP (likely underrated), thick strong blocks and massive ports int he heads. His work has appeared in the "New Haven Register," Medford's "Mail-Tribune" and the "Ashland Daily Tidings. 8 m3/min) 4-bbl carburetor, larger mechanical camshaft, and a four-bolt main block. di The names Barrett-Jackson, Barrett-Jackson. Bob Tasca, the owner and president. This cool Torino also has the optional 429ci, 370hp, Cobra Jet V8 engine, shaker hood, tachometer, air conditioning, AM/FM radio with dual . cz 2 m 3 /min) Spreadbore 4-bbl carburetor, a larger camshaft; a special set of cylinder heads (DOOE-R) 73. The 429 cu in Cobra Jet V8 develops 370 horsepower (a 375 version was also available on this model) and 450 lb-ft (610 Nm) of torque, a huge improvement over Ford's previous 428 cu in engines that had. 187-second under the FS/B index. glenevans August 4th 2015, 2:01 pm. 00 , valvecovers = SOLD, Heads = SOLD. Recently, a '71 Mach 1 was listed on eBay, sporting a true429 Cobra-Jet engine. Dearborn's fight to shed its also-ran image got a boost when the Mach 1 moved into the starting gate. 1970 Ford Ranchero GT 429 Cobra Jet is a photograph by Christopher Flees which was uploaded on July 26th, 2020. , including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag. Posted by admin58 access_timeNovember 16, 2020. When optional shaker hood scoop is used with a Cobra Jet engine (429/370, 429/375) both sides of the scoop have Cobra Jet nameplate. Now you can have the Boss 429 you always wanted in a complete ready-to-bolt-in package!. (Gastonia NC) With the help of Friends who own an Industrial Machine Shop and Fab Shop with Lasers we Fabricated Adjustable Guide Plates for the 351 Cleveland Engines and Boss 302 Engines. The Ford 429 engine was first introduced in 1968 and stayed in production until 1973. This 429 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1, serial number 1F05J100028, . Características: - Qualidade de envelope modelos do jogo Forza Motorsport 4 - 2 extras - Suporte de duas cores - Suporte. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. 0:1 compression (which is a very slightly more powerful version of the 429 Cobra Jet) rated at 375. Features: - Quality envelope models from the game Forza Motorsport 4 - 2 extras - Support two colors - Support SA-Rooms and SA-colors. The 429 SCJ had a 375 Advertised HP, 4 bolt main Solid lift cam (Same spec as used in the Boss 9) Forged pistons. 1971 Ford Mustang 429 Cobra Jet Tribute. The Boss 429 engine was offered late in 1969 and was rated at over 370 horsepower. - the paint color is Competition Green. The 429 Super Cobra Jet (429SCJ) was fitted with a Holley 780 cu ft/min (22 m3/min) Vac-Secondaries Square-bore 4-bbl carburetor, larger mechanical camshaft, . Numerals are used for low compression export engines. There was over $100K spent on the restoration of this car. - Cooper Cobra G/T 235/60R-14 tires. I will sell it with the newer 36" Swampers and Bead-lock Crawler Combo or discount it $500 if you don't want them. Heinz brothers are one of the finest in the nation. 1970 Ford Torino Cobra 429 Super Cobra Jet. Boss Mustang has uploaded 105890 photos to Flickr. Get prices, comps, alerts and more on this 1971 Ford Mustang MACH-1 429 Cobra Jet for sale at Gateway Classic Cars. Spark Plug - 14MM - Motorcraft - 429 Cobra Jet & Super Cobra Jet V8. I would take a big block over a mod motor any day some of my friends hate me my 68 with a small block will walk on there newer mustangs. None of these motors were ever installed in a Mustang, although it was the standard Motor in the '70 Torino Cobra. If you believed the ads, you had to wonder how Ford sold any Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines at all. Upon arrival in Michigan, these cars were stripped of their Cobra Jet engines. 429 Boss Complete Engines | Barnett High Performance. The crank is standard on both the mains and rods. Four-bolt main engine block (with exception to some early 1970 models). I believe what Randy is talking about with side loading is Hydro Roller specific. 429 CJ via Bill Cook The 429 Cobra Jet was a V8 engine offered by Ford Motor Company in the early 1970s that was a performance version of its regular 429 engine. The driveline features the cars matching numbers 429/ 370 hp, 11:30:1 compression, Cobra Jet 4V engine. Caractéristiques: - La qualité de l'enveloppe des modèles du jeu Forza Motorsport 4 - 2 extras - Support de deux couleurs - Soutenir. Heads are not ported, not rebuilt, original condition. 429 Cobra jets were only made in 1970 and 1971 and were available in Mustang, Cougar, Torino, Montego and the various relatives of those cars. Up for sale is a 1970 Ford Torino Cobra. 429 Cobra Jet Four-bolt main engine block (with exception to some early 1970 models). THIS CAR HAS THE WINDOWSTICKER, FACTORY PICTURE WITH LEE ROY YARBOROUGH. This purchase is for a custom built restored Quadrajet with original code stamp listed in description. Boss and Cobra Jet Mustangs: 302, 351, 428 and 429 (Muscle Car Color History). This 429 was brought in for a stock rebuild and will be up on. This is a Blue 1971 Ford Mustang Classic Car in Punta Gorda FL posted on Oodle Classifieds. drag race ford performance cobra jet muscle car ford torino 1970. The engine output was increased to 375 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque, coming with a 3. 428 CJ with Thermactor, with manual trans, without Ram Air, with or without AC. 82w Jim Osborn Reproductions: DEC834. All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Ford Torino GT Sportsroof 429 4V Cobra Jet V-8 4-speed (276 kW / 375 PS / 370 hp), edition of the year 1970 since September 1969 for North America U. 83t Many speculate that the manufacturers were publishing less than the actual horsepower measured. Bid for the chance to own a 1971 Mustang 429 Cobra Jet Engine at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. This pair of aftermarket decals is applied to the valve covers. Information found on the website is presented as advance information for the auction lot. Technical Specifications: · Year: 1970 · Make: Ford · Model: Torino Cobra 429 Super Cobra Jet · Mileage: 52,323 · Engine: 429 ci/370 hp SCJ · Transmission: 4-Speed . The Cobra Jet, rated at 370 HP, was equipped with a Rochester Quadrajet 700 cfm 4 BBL carburetor, larger camshaft, 11. 1971 429 Cobra Jet with 103 original miles. In 1970, the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines were made. We have copies of receipts and it's highly documented with the build sheet, window sticker, and Marti Report. solar > Vehicles > 1970 Torino GT 429 Super Cobra Jet. I just sold one that I had put in my Jet boat. Numbers Matching 429 Super Cobra Jet V8, C6 Automatic, Shaker, Drag Pack. Cobra Jet used a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor atop a spreadbore cast iron manifold. 428 CJ with Thermactor, with auto trans. si 00! By 1970 The Ford 429 was available in both the Mustang and Torino bodies, and this 1970 Cobra was ordered with the top drawer J Code 429 CJ Ram Air. Although the seller tags this Galaxie 500 Country Sedan wagon as "Cobra Jet powered," information gleaned from the detailed Marti Auto Works report indicates that the 429 V-8 in question is. 429 V-8-Small chrome rectangle on lower front fenders with numbers 429. Looking to buy an engine for my 72 gran Torino q code car I need a cobra jet engine prefer 351 CJ if it come with a c6 even better. We've collected the best time-saving cleaning tips for glass, carpet, vinyl and more. Note that the stock Cobra Jet exhaust manifolds are significantly down on power and torque as compared to any of the steel tube headers. Choke element was mounted on the intake manifold and connected to the carburetor by rod. It was a natural marriage between a powerful big block and lightweight car models. - Custom built Cobra Jet 429 Engine/mild comp. The 429 CJ is similar but with a hydraulic cam. 1971 429 Cobra Jet Ranchero J-Code Up for sale is a numbers-matching 1971 Ranchero 429 J-Code Cobra Jet Squire. Not intended for true racing durability, it lacked the bottom end features of the side-oiler 427. Heads, exhaust, and short block are not assembled. q5 In 1968, the 429 superseded the 427 as Ford’s premier big-block, replacing the heavier FE-series. This 1970 Ford Torino Cobra was the epitome of Ford performance back in 1970 and remains a mean machine today. 3500 Sarno Road Melbourne, FL 32934 Facebook Instagram. that this engine is capable of being build to. 429 Cobra Jet Edelbrock header flange. So how original is this '70 Torino Cobra, let's get to it. 2 Police Cruiser & Police Interceptor. Built to run in the mud but don't have time to mess with it anymore. Manifolds / Dual exhaust / Flowmaster mufflers. Found on a variety of muscle cars and trucks of the Ford lineup, including: 1968-1973 Mustangs and Torinos as the 429/7. Is this the future of air travel?Darrell Hartman reports. 1970-1/2 Ford Falcon with 429 Cobra Jet. Features: Premium One-Piece Pushrod; Black-Oxide Finish; Made from Quality 4130 Chrome Moly Material . These ports have been cleaned up and port-matched for improved flow. They allow for better flow going in and coming out for better scavenging. With the 427 and 428 engines now history, the replacement 429 CJ engine. 1970 Ford Torino 429 #s Matching 429 Rotisserie Restored Four Speed 9" Posi Rear. 2016 Cobra Jet - How Ford Performance builds a factory-engineered, 8-second drag 'Stang. Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet 1971 para o GTA San Andreas. Thess big block cylinder heads are the perfect combination to your fit your 429 or 460 Big Block Ford. The purpose of this enthusiast site (not affiliated in any way with Ford Motor Company), is to provide hard to find information on these extremely rare cars as well as the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines they came equipped with. These models were fitted with large powerful engines, including the 428 cu in and 429 cu in “Cobra Jet” engines. Numbers Matching Engine Block; Rare J Code; 1 Repaint; Factory Cobra Jet Ram Air; Factory Rear Louvers; Factory Traction LOK Differential; 77K Actual Miles . -SURVIVOR WITH 1 OLDER REPAINT. Ford offered the Super Cobra Jet version of the 429. It had aluminum heads with extremely large free flowing ports, contoured exhaust manifolds, a high rise intake manifold to help it gain horses. Interior is nice and everything is complete. The 429 Cobra Jet was a V8 engine offered by Ford Motor Company in the early 1970s that was a performance version of its regular 429 engine. 5 kW / 365 PS / 360 hp), edition of the year 1969 since September 1968 for North America U. It competed in the Australian Cannonball Run in the. 4-door, Rear Suicide doorsGangster car. This engine was primarily known for its use in the Ford Torino and was a part of the Ford 385 engine family. 024" hot because of aluminum heads) 429 SCJ (0. Holley 4bbl Carb with Vacuum Secondaries. Ford 429 / 460 Super Cobra Jet Intake Manifold (D00E-9425-C) $800 OBO. hide this posting restore restore this posting. Bolted to this is a three-speed automatic transmission, while the car also features power steering and power front disc brakes. When using standard 429/460 production heads. The 429 Cobra Jet was introduced in 1970 and only offered to 1971, the engines used a cast iron crank and the 1971 version uses a four bolt main . An original Marti Report is included in the sale! Mechanics. In 1970/71 the Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet versions were offered. 1971 Ford Torino GT 429 Cobra Jet Brake Test 2. iq R CODE , 428 Cobra Jet Shaker Hood. I got a rebuilt 429 Cobra Jet minus intake and carb, DOOE-R heads and HEH-CL 4 speed big block top loader with an Extra set of Dove-A heads Rebuilt nice. 1y 2x1 This version was just a 2-bolt 429 with passenger car heads, and was rated at 360 horses. MAX | FBX | OBJ DOWNLOAD FROM SYNCS. The 428 has many more years of development and the CJ/SCJ was pretty much the final product. The Cobra Jet heads have been given a minor bowl clean-up, but are otherwise stock. How Much Is A Boss 429 Engine? An overall cost of $30,000 to $50,000 is acceptable. The 429 was short lived and I will admit that it has more potential than the 428, the project really never left the ground. Medium Blue 1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet for sale located in Lenoir City, Tennessee - $69,995 (ClassicCars. Test data was taken on a SuperFlow SF-600 flow bench. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. IN THE CAR AT CHARLOTTE SPEEDWAY. Rather than re-engineer the stock head completely, the 429 Cobra Jet simply offered larger valves and ports, a higher compression ratio . favorite this post Mar 19 2022 Ford Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra GT 500 Wheels Rims Factory OEM 20x11. 73:1 ratio with sled type fulcrums, threaded screw-in rocker studs and pushrod guide plates. Cost to build this engine was 18,000 just for machine work. engine / 370 horsepower 429 cobra jet as tested / automatic transmission and 3. , including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc. eBay Find of the Day: 428 Cobra Jet-Powered Fairlane Wagon - Street Muscle. This 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT from the Brothers Collection packs all the cool go-fast parts you could get on this car - a 375 horsepower 429 V8, a 4-speed manual transmission, and 4. Just two years into production, Ford introduced the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet for compact and intermediate sized rides like Mustang, Torino, Cyclone, and Cougar. 1970 Ford Torino Mileage 50187 2 Door Hardtop 429-4V Cobra Jet Big Block Engine 4 Speed manual transmission, 2 wheel drive- rear Production #120902 of #230411 (only 7675 produced) Built in LorRead More. GOOD USED 429 FUEL INJECTED ENGINE BLOCK. 66 Fairlane and ranch wagon NOS tail light assembly. jle The 429-Cobra-Jet Registry was established to document and track all 429CJ optioned Cougars. Kar Kraft also redesigned the Boss 429’s shock towers, moving them 1” forward from their stock position. The Torino's 429 Cobra Jet engine still contains most of its original parts, but a rebuild by Jim Van Gordon included a new Comp Cams camshaft with a profile to get the most out of the big heads. In 1971, Ford offered the Super Cobra Jet 429. The change occurred in the middle of the production year so some early Cobra Jet cars had 428's, later cars were 429's. 5 CC, combustion chamber and canted valve configuration, with push rod guide plates (DIOE-6465-AA) Intakes valves were 2. Although the big 429 was a torque buster of an engine, we think the 450 horsepower Chevelle LS6 would probably win the battle of the track. This engine option was available only in 1971 with 370 HP and a 1/4-mile time of about 14 seconds. Fits 429 V8 Engines; Super Cobra Jet. 59-inch stroke than the 460, the 429-cu-in Cobra Jet promised at least 370 hp thanks to its snappy 11. aa Thing was, no one believed the ads. This 429 Cobra Jet produced 370hp at 5,400 rpm and a mind-boggling 450 foot-pounds of torque at only 3,400 rpm, with a Heavy Duty Top Loader Close Ratio 4-speed. Body is decent-straight with mostly original paint with very little surface rust in lower quarters. So does anyone know what a 429Cj makes thanks. Similar Items - Ford 429 CJ Cobra Jet 4 Bolt Main Rebuilt Engine - $1 (Columbia City IN) 1970 Ford 429 Cobra Jet Intake 4 Barrel Holley - $450 (Harlem Ga. 4MV, This is divorced choke (remote choke) style 4 barrel Quadrajet carburetor. 429 Cobra Jet Big Block clean title automatic I have a 78 f350 with 14" suspension lift and 5" body lift. ) 1970 Ford 429 Cobra Jet Cast Iron Factory Intake And Holley Spread Bore Double Pumper, 450. Lets take a look at Ford’s six month wonder, the 1970. Blue print on brushed aluminum decals. This 429 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1, serial number 1F05J100028, was built very early and was ordered by and sold to Ford of Canada as a “Show Car” to promote the 1971 model year. Lime Green Metallic in color with the original padded alligator grain vinyl roof - Powered by the 429 Cubic inch 360 Horsepower. I would like some one to tell me what are the differences are between a 1968 to 1970 429 Cobra Jet and a 429 Thunder Jet. The 429 SCJ featured a block with 4-bolt mains at the first four positions, forged pistons, heads with larger valves and ports, spot faced rod bolt seats, solid lifters, screw-in rocker studs and pushrod guide plates. Production terminated entirely on January 1, 1970. All regular Cobra Jet 429s built after 11-1-69 went back to non-adjustable valve train. Furthermore, the system was upgraded for an advertised 370 horsepower rating (along with a range of 350 ft. RELATED: An Inside Look At Hennessey's Ford Mustang Performance Packages. For as long as there have been cars, there has been racing. In 1970 the 428 Cobra Jet Motor was replaced with a 429 CJ engine. This means Mustangs,Torinos,Cougars,Cyclones,Shelbys,and any others. To make the import to Japan legal, the 1971 Mustang Mach 1 did have to go through a conversion process. It also had ram-air induction and a functional hood scoop. 1971 Ford Ranchero GT j-Code 429 Cobra Jet VIN. Great big ports,52 lbs shipping weight. We have access to thousands of items from sellers, so we just might have. Rochester 7040288 1970 Ford 429 Cobra Jet Engines With Auto Trans And No Ac. 429 Cobra / Super Cobra motor Jet fits 70-71 Torino or Cyclone. Selling an original DSO 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 429 Cobra Jet 4 speed car in good original condition. Welcome to the 71 429 Cobra Jet Mustang. Nascar soon after the release of the 429 put a ci limit of 352 and that was the end of the 429. The 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines continued in 1971 unchanged. Fits vehicles with 429S/CJ engines. Although in production for just eight years, the Ford Torino is by no means a rare breed of car on today's pre-owned and collectors' markets . Not intended for true racing durability, it lacked the . The new lower, wider, and longer Torino was gracefully designed with aerodynamic lines. Has anyone actually dynoed a stock 429 cobra jet for actual #'s. Many car guys believe 1970 was one of the last great years for the muscle car era-and cars like the Torino 429 Cobra Jet gave strength to their . What car had the 429 Cobra Jet? Ford Torino 1970 Ford Torino Cobra 429 SCJ – Muscle Car of the Week. The mechanical lifter 429 Super Cobra Jet was the second punch response to Chevrolet's 450-horse 454ci LS6 big-block. , Documented Restored Torino Cobra 429CJ V8 4 Speed. If the numbers are DOOE-R it's a 429 Super Cobra Jet, and is probably worth 10K. 429 Cobra Jet motor producing 370 factory HP Automatic transmission Ram air shaker hood scoop Odometer reads 23,503 VIN 0R38J119267 Car is in excellent daily drivable condition. Sumter, South Carolina, United States. 25:1 rear gear, power steering, power disc brakes, fat G70-14 RWL tires, body color “racing” mirrors, the funky in. 70-71 Torino Cobra new pair of door snake emblems. 70-71 Torino / Cyclone clutch pedal return spring. This fabulous Cobra came factory-equipped with and still has its original factory installed engine which is the 429 SUPER Cobra Jet (a. Ford produced the Torino from 1968 to 1976. Just two years into production, Ford introduced the 429 Cobra Jet . We've performed a full service, replaced starter, starter solenoid and freeze plugs and went through the fuel delivery system. It was the company's 385 engine and was mostly used on its Torino model. Cruising the NMCA Race in Norwalk, Ohio and came across this awesome 1970 Torino Cobra with a 429-cube engine and a 4-speed transmission running 12s on 7-inc. The rods are the original CJ rods and the pistons are original. The 429 Cobra Jet option was available for the 1971 model year only. Ford Falcon 429 Super Cobra Jet 2-door 1970 3D model. Buy best ford mercuri 429 super cobra jet forg tips. ykp There were 448 cars built: 401 hardtops and 47 convertibles. 1968 Ford Mustang S/S Cobra Jet Hubert Platt Class of 68" 50th Anniversary of The Ford Cobra Jet Limited Edition to 1002 Pieces Worldwide 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Autoworld AW247. Great Running 429 V8 Engine (not the original engine 70-74 Block). Cleaning can be time consuming and tedious. 1970 Ford Torino 429 super cobra jet. I am posting this for all of the Ford guys who work here at rightnowautoparts. This filter is a good option for any early. a 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler (Fed Tax Paid) - This very original car came from the factory with a 429 c. Drag Pack 429 Super Cobra Jet 1970 Ford Torino Cobra Headers and dual exhaust Automatic 1970 Ford Ranchero 429 Super Cobra Jet - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 325 Ford hit a. An interesting event occurred as the Falcon line was coming to an end. So title says it all, what's the correct engine color for 1970 429 Cobra Jet? I'm building '70 Ford Torino for E/Stock category, . The last of the true kings-the 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet not only heralded the end of an era in symbolic terms, but was also quite literally the final year for such monsters of the road from Ford, and represents the line drawn in the sand which distinguishes the years of serious development of the high output Mustang, and the hangers-on. 50 rear drag test published / superstock magazine 2/71 performance / 13. This unit features overhead valve valve gear, a 90 degree V 8 cylinder layout, and 2 valves per cylinder. 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air Engine C-6 Automatic Transmission. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. The official power output was quoted as 375hp, but it appears that the company was following an industry trend of under-quoting the truth. Product Description: Single quad 4v high rise dual plane Cobra Jet port size aluminum intake manifold. 0L/429 Crate Engines and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Internal Balance, Super Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads, Front Sump Oil Pan. Its performance cousin was the 429 Cobra Jet, a Ford Motor Company V8 engine manufactured in the early 1970s. l3 Talk about rare Ford muscle- how about this factory Ram Air 429 Cobra Jet-powered Ranchero GT from my Private Collection? Besides being cool as heck like any factory Laser-striped, hidden headlight Ranchero GT this one is also a factory 429 cubic inch Cobra Jet Ram Air powered example with a C6 automatic transmission, 1 of 82 such beasts produced. Home → Decal → VALVE COVER DECALS "FORD 429 SUPER COBRA JET" VALVE COVER DECALS "FORD 429 SUPER COBRA JET" Special Offer! $9. In 1970, the heavy-breathing 429 was offered up in three configurations: the 360-hp Thunder Jet, the hydraulic-lifter 370-hp Cobra Jet (CJ) and finally, the 375-hp Super Cobra Jet (SCJ). 1971 FORD MACH 1 429 Cobra Jet Mustang Fastback for sale This very rare American muscle car is a factory right hand drive 429 Mach 1 Fastback. This is an original Black on Black J-code car meaning it came equipped from the factory with the 429 Cobra Jet and Ram Air Shaker hood. Here was a Mustang that looked the part of a modern pony muscle car, and in 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet livery, it ran like one. The scoop mated to a special air cleaner with a vacuum-actuated butterfly valve that funneled air directly. Copy this link into your browser. This Sportsroof/Fastback Cobra Torino is a "J-Code" meaning that it is powered by a 429 Super Cobra Jet V8 engine with a single 4 barrel. Production Ford 429/460 valve cover bolt pattern. 9ze The Thunder Jet is probably worth $250-$400 depending on condition, The Cobra Jet is worth $1500-$4000 depending on condition. 0L/429 Ford big block 385 Series Headers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Cobra Jet (5) A460 (2) Spread port/Stahl (1) Get. To date (March 2018), we have . Ford Racing Designed this latest generation on an old classic name to deliver high output performance in a lightweight, cast-aluminum package. Photos, materials for videos, descriptions and other information are provided by the consignor/seller and is deemed reliable, but Mecum Auction does not verify. It had aluminum heads with extremely large free . Ford 429 / 460 Super Cobra Jet Intake Manifold (D00E-9425-C) $800 OBO $0 (Northridge) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 427 with Thermactor, without AC. 1970 TORINO 429 COBRA JET - NASCAR PACE CAR. the 429 thunder jet is the base 429 4v. 1970 Ford Tirino Cobra Jet 429 for sale in San Antonio, Texas. 70 During the 60s and 70s Ford hosted Dealer Intro Shows around both The United States and Canada to showcase the newest models for the upcoming year. 0L engine, and some 1972-1997 Mustangs and Torinos as 460/7. 428 Cobra Jet Performance Specs. The same flange to fit a factory Ford is also available. 1971 Mercury Cougar 429 Cobra Jet 4-Speed Convertible-Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 1970 Ford Torino Super Cobra Jet 429 vs 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Heavy Chevy - Pure Stock. Its engine bay houses a 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air V8 that produces 370hp. Anybody has a 351 cobra jet or 429 super cobra jet engine for sale text/call 5714147857 ASAP - Looking to buy an engine for my 72 gran Torino q code car I. Could be a very cool street truck. 428 Cobra Jet Smog Emissions System. 90 DAY WARRANTY Sold By: Holst Truck Parts Ucon, Idaho 83454 VISIT OUR WEBSITE. We have come up with the top 17 ford mercuri 429 super cobra jet forg you might be interested in and rated them on factors such as value for money, popularity, usage experience. Now, this torque monster starts and runs like new!. 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifold Heatshield & S-Tube Riser 68-70 Mustang Shelby. ID'd by D0VE-A and D1VE-AA casting numbers on the block and D0OE-R on the heads. According to Mustang-Cougar, each has specific features and coding. 1970 saw the introduction of the 351 Cleveland engines in the Torino as well as the new 429 Thunder Jet, Cobra Jet, and Super Cobra Jet engine options. This premium-quality Ford Performance cylinder head fits 429 and 460 engines (except Boss 429) and will provide between 25 and 50 more HP more than normal Cobra Jet heads, depending on displacement and camshaft. The Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet is a rear wheel drive motor car, with its engine placed in the front, and a 2 door coupé body. Group 10 - Cylinder Heads-Cobra Jet 429/460. Missing were the cross-bolted main bearing caps and oiling improvements. The late 60's and early 70's were heaven for Ford and Chevrolet muscle cars. 1972 Ford Gran Torino Q code 351 Cobra Jet. qqi Ford rated the 428 Cobra Jet at 335 HP, but it was immediately obvious their new offering put out much more than that. it was used in t- birds,LTDs, and torinos. It has its original matching number engine and transmission. Up for sale we have a 1970 Ford Torino Cobra Jet. The ford mercuri 429 super cobra jet forg ranking is based on our detailed evaluation and analysis of over 2,233 consumer satisfaction surveys. 1970 Ford Torino Drag Pack 429 Super Cobra Jet Headers and dual exhaust Automatic transmission. Yes it will fit a 67-70 car fine with the right motor mounts and headers. These two dyno charts show a comparison between different exhaust manifolds on a mild 428 Cobra Jet engine. If it's still available, you'll find it HERE in Long Beach, CA for $14,500. The 429 Cobra Jet heads offer generous flow thanks to huge drive-through intake ports. 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Comparison. Direct Replacement for the Autolite FA-41 Air Filter Element as used on many High Performance applications from 1968-1971. Regular Compression Q-428 4v Cobra V-8 U-170 Six R-428 4v Cobra Jet V-8 T-200 Six K-429 2v V-8 V-240 Six ;V-429 4v V-8 B-240 Six (Police) C-429 4v Cobra V-8 E-240 Six (Taxi) J-429 4v Cobra Jet V-8 L-250 Six Z-429 Boss V-8 F-302 2v V-8 Low Compression D-302 2v V-8. Mustang was restyled for '69, gaining 3. This is an extremely rare and fully documented 1970 Ranchero GT "J" Code 429 Cobra Jet Shaker Hood Ranchero. 429 CI COBRA JET EXHAUST MANIFOLDS WITH HEAT SHIELD. Here's the most underrated engine in the group. 3kc 3:1 compression ratio and a special set of cylinder heads. The rare thing about this car isn't the color or the motor, but that it is one of only a few Mustangs that were exported from the U. This Ford 429 crate engine by Blue Aluminum heads with 2. 85 inch crankshaft stroke that was available in this engine family. I know that the 1971 SCJ engines came with a Holley 780 carb. Ford 429 Super Cobra Jet The Boss 429 engine was offered late in 1969 and was rated at over 370 horsepower. This engine was the vehicle to focus on for Ford Torino production during the 1970s. 1970 cyclone spoiler engine / 370 horsepower 429 cobra jet as tested / automatic transmission and 3. 1969 Boss 429 Front Chin Spoiler - Early & Late Version Available. 1970 was the absolute pinnacle for Ford/Mercury when it came to creating asphalt-scorching muscle cars, and the 429 Super Cobra-Jet engine was at the heart of everything. Classic Car Deals (844) 676-0714. 30:1 rear gears making it the Super Cobra Jet package. The Cobra Jet 429 4V Ram Air is in standard trim as designed and sold by Ford in 1970. Cadillac, MI 49601 (1,655 miles away) 6. THIS PACE CAR IS 1 OF 12 ORDERED, THERE ARE 6 LEFT, THIS CAR HAS 49K ORGINAL MILES. Following in the rich tradition of previous Ford factory-built Mustang race cars, such as the 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet, the Mustang Boss 429 and the FR500S Mustang Challenge car. It was only installed in mid-size (1970-71) and pony cars (1971 only). 4 bolt main , nodular iron crank. They both had better heads than the Thunder Jet with larger valves and ports and on both Cobra Jet 429s had an adjutable valve train that could adjusted for solid lifter cams. This upgrade offered: Four bolt mains Forged aluminum pistons Bigger oil pump External oil cooler Cast iron crank shaft with higher nodularity than the base 429 Mechanical camshaft with adjustable rocker arms Single 780 cfm Holley carb The 429 motor was phased out in 1973. I also have the oil pan with baffle, dipstick with chrome handle, harmonic balancer and crank pulley. 744"Exh Cobra Jet at firebird gto kauffman 434 489 496 348 360 c4 c6 th-350 th-400 200r-4 700r-4 904 727 muscle car 389 hot rod cobra boy 4x4 nova corvette el camino lamans kre indy 260 289 302 327 350 351 351c 351m 351w 383 400 390 428 445 454 461 468 488 401 331 347. 5 zero 7 , two three 6 , one 7 seven eight. 69 Camaro 273 302 Ford 350 Camaro 389 396 429 SCJ 442 454 466 BBC 469 Big Block Blower 496 555 CI BBC 454 Big Block Ford Buick Caddy Coupe Chevelle Chevrolet Chevy Pickup LS 3 Cuda Demo Derby Ford Hemi LS1 LS 2 LS 3 Mercury Boat Engines Mopar Olds Olds 350 Olds 495 Pontiac Pontiac 488 PowerDyne 302 Power Wagon RUSH Racing Series Sleeper Nova. This flange has a unique port opening that allows a 2 1/8" tube to be used with minimal effort. Apparently the 1970 version used a two bolt main block. It even retains a rev-limiter that were usually removed by the time it made it out to the favorite cruise spots. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet 1971 pour GTA San Andreas. Whether it's a base model coupe, convertible, fastback or sportsroof, or a GT, GTA, GT 350, GT 500, GT 500 KR, Mach 1, Boss 302, Boss 351, Boss 429, Grande or Shelby version of Ford's Pony car. since there were fewer cobra jet cars made they bring more money. New jet-card programs are making private planes more accessible. This new 385 series, dubbed the Lima, served a wide array of luxury sedan pickups thanks to its brute force at low rpm. - These cars were made especially for Nascar and only 1600 were made. Another thing to consider is the 429 'Thunder Jet'. It soon became evident that they had misjudged the market and what it would take to be competitive. 429 Cobra Jet - The block is standard bore and is in good condition. Compared to a plain ol' Thunder Jet 429, a Super Cobra Jet would cost about $500 more and net you 15 advertised horsepower. Then there was the 429 Cobra Jet (CJ). The 428 Cobra Jet, introduced April 1968, was a high torque, quiet, inexpensively built engine. 428 CJ -- The Ford V-8 Engine Workshop. Note the difference in engine speed between the two specs. Updated: Today, March 31, 2022 6:27 AM Get Shipping Quotes Apply for Financing 2. The Introduction of the 428 Cobra Jet. also optioned from the factory this car has the C6 automatic trans, factory Tach, factory rear window louvers. The 429 Cobra Jet was introduced in 1970 and only offered to 1971, the engines used a cast iron crank and the 1971 version uses a four bolt main block. 1971 Ford Mustang 429 Cobra Jet Resto Mod 1971 Ford Mustang - 6317090042. Cruising the NMCA Race in Norwalk, Ohio and came across this awesome 1970 Torino Cobra with a 429-cube engine and a 4-speed transmission . 11 It starts up without issue and runs great. Retail price to buy: The retail price for the current Cobra Jet Mustang is $130,000 before options. The rods were the standard issue 429 pieces and the pistons were cast. cobra jets have bigger ports, valves, and manifolds,the engines are built for more heavy duty performance. The power is produced by a naturally aspirated engine of 7 litre capacity. The basic pricing is for level 1 build which is. This is a true piece of American Muscle. jlw I am at the very beginning of this adventure and here is what I currently have for the motor. Auction Lot U281, Kissimmee, FL 2022. Ford's 385-family V-8 engines launched in 1968, powering the gigantic. The original 429 Cobra Jet motor is no longer in the car but it has a period correct 429 in it now, everything else on the drive train is original. No porting work done, 3 angle valve job with all new stainless Ferrara valves, new ARP rocker studs and Manley push rod guide plates, valve springs for solid roller, Motor only used for 5-6 drives last summer. 3f 7nx In its base configuration the Mach 1 had a none too shabby 302 Windsor based V8 with 2 barrel carb going all the way up to the mammoth 429 Super Cobra Jet (SCJ) with a 4-speed Toploader manual transmission. s2 Where customers buy one: Cobra Jet Mustangs can be purchased from any Ford dealer. Joined Nov 19, 2020 · 3 Posts. also optioned from the factory this car has the C6 automatic trans, factory Tach. Fits 429 and 460 ci engines (except BOSS 429) Valve angles and locations designed to reduce cylinder wall shrouding and improve flow. 1969 Ford 429 Big Block 4 Speed Toploader $1,400 (washington co / WI) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. This car is a true survivor in every sense of the word. 1970 Torino GT 429 Super Cobra Jet with a Drag Pack only 241 made with a C6 Auto this is original as it gets white interior and with all documentation Sales Receipt, Brochure, Consumer Guide, Window Sticker Original and more importantly it only has 63,000 a True Survivor and a great car to drive.