Radiator Hose Collapses On AccelerationIf not I suggest taking the radiator to a professional radiator repair shop to be cleaned, soldered and painted. wickedchargerrt said: there is a problem with vacuum in the system. Not sure what your exact complaint is: your tittle says collapsing hose, you first sentence says heating and your second sentence says boil over. If it is missing or damaged, the lower radiator hose could collapse at high vehicle speeds, thereby constricting or cutting off coolant flow to the engine. When you crack the rad cap, you loose vacuum but draw in air around the cap causing the hose to go normal. I noticed this morning that the upper radiator hose was collapsed (sucked in) while I was fixing a cracked battery post clamp. After letting it cool down, pulled the radiator cap & observed the level down 1 - 2 inches from top of the radiator neck. I replaced the radiator, radiator caps, radiator fan, transmission hoses, and I switched to NON Ethanol Fuel. Well the other day I noticed when I opened my hood that my upper radiator hose was collapsed. Volvo 850 - Hose Collapse on Acceleration - See Video - Can anyone upper radiator hose) that goes the what they're calling a T-Pipe. 5q0 It is rare to see a radiator hose collapse on acceleration, and this . Follow these next steps: Allow the engine to continue to run at idle or slightly above idle but not fast enough to flatten the lower hose. A quick wat to tell which is to first take the cap of the expansion tank. while I was doing that, I found another more serious problem which I'm about to post as "Upper Radiator Hose. I have not seen the lower hose flatten out at all. Radiator Cap I took the radiator cap off today and cleaned it. The only device which controls vacuum within a cooling system is the radiator cap. Collapsed hoses are typical signs of old age. If the upper hose is collapsing, that means the suction through the radiator and upper hose is too great for whatever restriction you have in your motor that is after the pump outlet (left side of the pump). Judge if you think there is enough water going through the radiator. I ran the quad for about an hour and system seemed to build pressure and problem seemed to go away (not collapsing) but when the system cools (like room temp) after a good run. This evening I was told to put the car on a hill take off the radiator cap and run it for around 5 mins with the cap off to make sure all the air was out. Sandman900 said: The NAPA guy actually looked it up when I questioned the absence of an internal spring. 2i0 A radiator hose in poor condition feels very hard, spongy, or soft. Hey guys we replaced the radiator cap and the upper radiator hose and the problem of the hose sucking flat stopped and the car was running at normal temp for awhile. When it comes to your Chevrolet Corvette, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. What would cause this? We spent about 6 hours in. the sides of the can will collaps. Surface cracks develop which cause hoses to split, blister or leak. Is this a bad cap or do I have some blockage in the radiator. The engine temperature gauge is always in the normal range and the coolant level is within. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 11, 2010. I pulled the overflow hose from the reservoir and blew through it verifying it was not plugged. I replaced everything cooling related. Once I stop, then the temp goes back to normal. The vacuum relief is internal in the Saturn cap and IS NOT accessible for unsticking. If the hose collapses and the system is full the water that was in the hose has to go somewhere. Received 29 Likes on 22 Posts When the hot coolant expands it forces out air and when it cools the air must return. This can result in the vehicle overheating and engine damage. p7 Show hidden low quality content. t1 It's the "egg sucked into a bottle" trick. Bad radiator-hose symptoms include a collapsed, broken, or swollen hose. A collapsed radiator hose does not necessarily indicate a bad hose. Some radiator hoses have an inner reinforcing coil or wire reinforcement. zn k4 Could this be a head gasket issue? A. The owner then walks me around to the front of my car and shows me my upper and lower radiator hoses. As the water pump speed increases with restricted flow through the radiator, the hose collapses on acceleration. Also, just to make sure your system works perfectly, after a 20-30 minutes drive, touch the upper hose it should be hot. The system pressure up to that point including the radiator will be drawn down by the water pump inlet and the hose can collapse as some of you have noted. I noticed the upper radiator hose was collapsed flat about a foot in the center of its length. Like I said in my previous post, when I purchased the car, it had an overheating problem. Collapsed coolant hoses means you have vacuum in the system and that can only happen if the radiator cap is bad, the hose from radiator to overflow reservoir is blocked, or there's sludge at the bottom of the overflow reservoir. b8v Before I found this, this was what happened. Use these tips on using and choosing hose connectors. It is possible for the lower hose to collapse slightly due to the water pump drawing water out of the lower hose faster than the gravity-fed water from the radiator replaces it. What happens when radiator hose collapses? If the collapse happens when the engine is cold, it’s because the cooling system is in a state of vacuum. se zog She noticed some kind of steam coming. As the engine warms up the hose expands to normal size. oz the lower is the one that gets sucked shut, and that's why most lowers have a spring in them. Over time, you'll be able to tell when they have changed and are going to cause problems. Popped hood yesterday to check coolant level and saw upper radiator hose was collapsed. 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - collapsed top radiator hose - Is there air in the system? when I run the truck for a bit and . A top tank radiator should not be filled to the top or it will overflow as the coolant expands. comWhy do you have a collapsed coolant hose? How do you resolve it? Starting at time 0:33 in the video, . If the cap is functioning, then the hose to the reservoir is blocked not letting coolant back into the system. Running a 350 Chevy crate motor in my street rod with a Walker radiator and Yogi overflow tank. 1m The ultra drive system came with a reverse water pump. My problem is that the lower rad hose collapses under acceleration even after the motor is up to temp. Car was not overheating (180-degrees) or boiling over. I have replaced thermostat, radiator cap, top hose, and radiator and still doing it. This can collapse the upper radiator hose. As the engine warms and coolant expands, a pressure relief valve in. The air deflector only has a minor effect. 2nd, if you do stay on top of keeping it full, clean or replace the surge tank cap. As soon as I loosened the radiator cap the vacuum was broken and the hose. I went on with the trip with problems and checked the hose each time I stopped and it was fine. I had drove the truck that morning and it was sitting for a little while not to long but around an hour or so. Low level can affect the pressure release with cool down. If you have a spring in the hose it goes on the bottom hose, the top hose does not need one. Why does my upper radiator hose collapse? The most common cause for radiator hose collapse is a vacuum issue caused by a faulty radiator cap. To verify, just have someone rev your engine while you look at that lower hose, I'll bet you see it collapse. Edelbrock 750 carb w/performer air gap intake. ym I have a 74 with a 302 and last night I noticed when I got home, the top radiator hose was collapsed. t7 Veteran Member Jun 15, 2008 309 Sydney, Australia and in Cali most other days I was revving the engine above 2000rpm when I noticed the top radiator hose would flatten out during acceleration. The hose can collapse because the hose is soft or has become to weak. What causes a radiator hose to collapse. A week later I looked under the hood and noticed that the new hose looked even worse than the old one! I opened the radiator cap and the hose appeared to expand a little bit. Reply Like 01-14-2014, 08:42 PM # 9 Ringleader Resident Worm Drowner. No doubt this would restrict coolant flow and wondering what can be done about it?. The truck otherwise seems fine. Possible theory: current hoses are made stronger and don't collapse, and the spring slowed down fluid flow. Champion radiator with 15 lb psi cap. For slightly more detail the upper hose flattens during acceleration and also returns to shape after going . Advance Auto Parts has 21 different Upper Radiator Hose for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. The plenum vacuum pulling on the overflow tank causes the upper radiator hose to collapse. Collapsed lower radiator hose #856538 01/02/08 01:53 AM: Joined: Dec 2007. The hose still collapses, though. I removed the degas cap and it sprung back up like it should. The collapsed hose jsut indicates that the syetem can't refill its volume when it cools. If the radiator hose collapses while the engine is running it’s because the water pump is sucking and coolant isn’t flowing properly, creating a vacuum condition. 00 at the parts store will buy one that will work correctly. I have never seen a hose colapse. Yep, I'd replace the radiator cap. The hoses must also be toast so what you need to do is: 1. The most logical (and easiest to check/fix) conclusion would be the thermostat is defective. Once the engine has been warmed up, the coolant system operates under pressure and this condition doesn't exist in a properly maintained cooling system. xyg The engine is not running hot and all temps are normal. I would like to add that I sometimes see where people have done some type of head work accidentally route the overflow tank hose to a port on the plenum instead of the lower intake during assembly. One thing to note, the head gasket is maybe suspect because I do get a small amount of oil in the coolant over a period of time. The most common cause for radiator hose collapse is a vacuum issue caused by a faulty radiator cap. Radiator hoses typically collapse due to vacuum in the cooling system. Discussion Starter · #3 · Oct 8, 2008. It has a corrugated cover that easily follows the bends of the OE coolant hose and includes Versigard EPDM rubber tube and cover Designed to withstand temperature from -40°F to +257°F. Surface oil accelerates breakdown of the material. Had timing belt, hoses, water pump replaced. for ensuring the lower hose doesn't collapse under acceleration. Also make sure that the fluid level remains at optimum levels so that the hose remains full at all times as well. q0 Radiator hoses are key components of an engine's cooling system. Engine overheating is not necessarily a cause or effect of a collapsed hose. If the hose collapses, you’ve discovered a problem that will need immediate attention. Radiator hose collapse may be due to system vacuum caused by the A. All radiator inlets are at the top and outlets at the bottom b/c hot water naturally wants to rise and cold falls and the column of water in the radiator helps the NPSH of the water pump and keeps it from cavitating. So the fan cycles on and off as per normal On at 205F off at 180F. The truck has only about 4K on it. Faulty or Missing Wire Reinforcement. First of all, remember that the cooling system of an engine is irregularly shaped. When I removed the radiator cap a vacuum sounded and the hose rebounded back to normal. A collapsed hose will often resume its normal shape when the engine slows down or is turned off. Thus, the hose collapses under 'vacuum' (not really, but creates the right mental picture). I flushed out the radiator and changed the hose and thermostat. by Trailmonkey - 01/23/22 10:11 PM Support 4x4Wire I was changing out my leaky valve cover gasket today and I noticed my lower radiator hose was flat. The vacuum won't be released by the radiator cap properly and it will cause the radiator hose to collapse during the cooling down period. 82 came home and let car cool off and found another collapsed hose. A damaged or leaking radiator hose can burst unexpectedly. If the collapse happens when the engine is cold, it's because the cooling system is in a state of vacuum. Not thinking much of it at the time, when doing the passenger side plugs I noticed the upper radiator hose near the radiator fill port was collapsed. When I opened my radiator cap there was a vacuum and the hose opened up. I drive my wagon down the hill (about a 1500' elevation change) no problem. So it probably is your cap then. the upper hose should never collapse- that is the one with positive pressure on it while the coolant flows. I recently changed all my hoses so it is new. 92 with 3FE and 225k miles - new upper and lower radiator hoses, new water pump, radiator replaced two years ago. The first and most common cause of a collapsed radiator hose is an inoperative one way valve in the radiator cap. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 15, 2016. grl I agree that collapsing hoses are a problem. avoid strong acceleration, coast as much as you can, and note if the temperature remains constant - you may decide to. Why top radiator hose collapses on 08 subaru outback? Top radiator hose can collapse while the engine is cooling after being up to operating temperature. As the coolant cools, it contracts and creates a vacuum in cooling system. Today I found my car's (2005 Honda Accord) upper radiator hose collapsed (almost flat) like some kind of vaccum in the cooling line sucked in. Though few car owners think about checking their radiator hoses the same way they. 2v2 Another common problem is clogging of the smaller radiator runoff hose, which leads to the coolant tank. If your water pump can pull enough suction to actually collapse the lower hose, that would indicate a blockage in the radiator to me. 🇨🇱 🚆2007 LBZ 3500 LT3 DRW Crew Cab, Sulastics. For coolant system longevity, it's important to keep the system full. The only time the upper radiator hose will collapse is when the thermostat is closed (or to some extent partially closed). Opening the cap restores the equilibrium. try this experiment,take a can with a screw on top,fill it 1/2 full of water,heat the water to boiling,put the cap back on,cool it under some running cold water and watch what happens. Flushing under a high pressure stream of hot water may fix it or less than $10. Try burping the cooling system, run it with the cap off for 10 minutes, let the thermostat open all the way and the coolant circulate for a while and get all the air out. na If there is, replace it immediately. If the hose collapses, you've discovered a problem that will need immediate attention. What happens when radiator hose collapses? If the collapse happens when the engine is cold, it's because the cooling system is in a state of vacuum. The primary concern here is vacuum in the system created as the engine cools. "Why Is My Top Radiator Hose Collapse?Watch more videos for more knowledgeRadiator hose sucked flat - YouTube https://www. Also has a scorch mark on hose foil where it was touching turbo tube. fk Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. I went to dealer and bought a new cap for degas bottle. 1987 Camry LE, 3SFE, 410,000 km. Re: Upper Radiator Hose Collapsed TWICE. In other cases a cooling system fault can cause the hose to collapse. I took the top hose off at the radiator end and water was easily flowing out during idle. You may have a bad radiator cap if the radiator hose collapses. Prior to this, I have had many problems with. s the pressure in the system drops — when the engine is off and cooling down — the pressure cap allows the excess coolant in the overflow tank to return to the radiator. I took of the radiator cap and it sucked air and the hose popped back in to shape. If your radiator cap is not releasing pressure on the system, it can cause a vacuum to develop (coolant is unable to move to the reservoir/overflow tank). You have a fan clutch on it or regular blade?Are the Radiator hoses collapsed when its hot. Cracked degas bottle cap and hose returned to normal. As the engine cools, if fluid cannot return to the tank, this will also cause a vacuum. I was having some issues with inadequate heat, particularly at idle, and also noticed my upper radiator hose would collapse when my Jeep cooled down. A radiator hose in good condition should feel firm, but not hard. Did you notice a sudden increase in the level of the overflow tank by any chance? Assuming the system was full then squeezing the hose would have to force coolant out of the overflow but this can only happen if the pressure in the system suddenly. Check the hose going to the overflow bottle and the radiator cap. Caps are rated around 14–16 psi. Last two times I have ran the motor just the top hose is collapsing. A collapsed radiator hose doesn’t always make itself known, so it’s best to be vigilant and look under the hood every now and then. while the car had cooled all night and found that the upper radiator hose was squished!. Next put the water hose into the lower hose of the radiator and turn water on full. My radiator hose is collapsing when I accelerate on the throttle, therefore my temp goes up. Usually it is the lower radiator hose that gets collapsed at higher RPMs. Bad radiator cap is the #1 cause of radiator hose collapse Bad radiator cap—Coolant expands and contracts as it heats and cools. In both cases, the water in the engine contracts, and water cannot be drawn from the expansion bottle. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. As for the over flow tank it just releases into there and pulls it back when needed. It had been sitting over night and the morning was cool. My 03 forrester's top radiator hose collapses as the engine cools down. do you have the correct water pump? if you have a reverse rotaion water pump, and you are turning it the wrong way, the coolant will flow in the wrong direction, thus sucking on the upper hose. If the radiator cap is malfunctioning, the vacuum created in the system will collapse the hose. i have upgraded SAMCO radiator hoses and have never seen this as the SAMCO's are much thicker in strength and not thin walled such as the OEM ones more than double the size of the stockers. Answer (1 of 27): Assuming you (or whoever did the head gasket) did everything correctly, this happens for a couple of reasons. 85 Position Product Name Price Quantity Set Descending Direction. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. The hose usually collapses as the engine cools because the radiator cap is not functioning properly, or the tube to the expansion bottle is plugged. All radiator inlets are at the top and outlets . When I unscrewed the cap on the overflow tank, the hose rounded right up. 66-74 427 & 454 Radiator Overflow Hose Plastic Retaining Straps Price: $2. Heater core NAME: _____ Date: _____ GRADE & SECTION _____ Teacher: _____ Republic of the Philippines Department of Education N a t io n a l Ca pit a l Reg io n Sc h o o l s D iv is io n O f f ic e o f Las Piñ a s Cit y. The top radiator hose collapses when engine is warm and revving motor. Gonna see if the 16lb psi cap will resolve the prob. The collapsing hose is a sign of too much air in the system. I immediately replaced the upper radiator hose because it appeared to be collapsed. o81 Re: top radiator hosetotally sucked in! 10-01-02 01:47 AM - Post# 127531 In response to 5/7HEAVEN as the engine cools down a vacuum is formed in the waterjacket,that is how the water get back to the rad from the overflow tank. If the radiator hose collapses while the engine is running it's because the water pump is sucking and coolant isn't flowing properly, creating a vacuum condition. After attending the last Good Guys in Pleasanton I popped the hood and noticed the lower radiator hose was collapsed. I've noticed the upper radiator hose collapses. Re: Upper radiator hose collapses after engine cool down. if it doesnt , pull the hoses. Signs of Trouble Maybe it only happens at high speeds or during engine revving, or maybe you notice it under the hood when the engine is cool. Sounds like the radiator is clogged, have the cooling system flushed, the water pump pumps water into the engine and it comes out the top hose to return to the radiator to circulate through it to cool, if the radiator is clogged the water pressure will build on the top hose, also look at the bottom radiator hose, if it collapses when you rev. Hey all, before I pull my radiator and have it rodded out I thought I would get some other views. I have a 68 Camaro rs with a 350. Your cap is bad so the hose collapses because of the reduced volume. Bad radiator cap—Coolant expands and contracts as it heats and cools. wzh Engine has uncontrollable deviation movement in the time of acceleration. It was a cold morning here in Mass, and when I opened the hood on my new 05 2. same with me: collapsed upper rad hose when cooled. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it still collapses. Additionally, it is possible that your radiator is clogged or dirty, but if that’s the case, you’re likely to have some overheating. The higher the rpm the more it would flatten out. Best Quality Replacement Lower Radiator Hose Correct Hose Dimensions With GM Logo & Part Number Stamping Fits 1976-Late - 1982 C3 Corvette Heavy, Molded Reinforced Rubber As Original Includes Reinforcement Spring Any C3 Corvette will need new radiator hoses at some point. They become hard and brittle and will eventually weaken and fail. The bottom hose usualy has a steel inner winding to stop water pump from sucking hose in but have seen these corrode and collapse. as the engine cools down a vacuum is formed in the waterjacket,that is how the water get back to the rad from the overflow tank. If the hose expands, the tank vent isn't working. u3i Mines about 25 -60 from idle to 2500rpm I'm running a strait fan blade,no shroud here and don't get above 190. What will cause a radiator hose to collapse? The most common cause for radiator hose collapse is a vacuum issue caused by a faulty radiator cap. If the hose appears to be normal in size, have an associate gently press the gas pedal to gradually increase the engine speed. Bad radiator cap is the #1 cause of radiator hose collapse. If a hose is leaking or damaged, the coolant, because of the pressure it is under, will quickly fin. My problem is that the lower rad hose collapses under acceleration on the rad it draws coolant out of the overfill bottle and hose goes . This causes the vacuum valve to open and coolant in reserve/overflow tank to be drawn through connecting hose into radiator. It means the system has cooled and pulled low pressure without being relieved. When the thermostat first opens up with the cap off the radiator will push about a quart of coolant out onto the ground, then the level in the radiator will go wayyyyy down. When you floor it, it is being sucked SHUT! There is usually a wire wrap spring inside that hose that can disintegrate over time leaving the inside of the hose unsupported. Joined Aug 23, 2001 · 862 Posts. abf ns I called them and asked for factory one which they put on. rze Radiator hoses deteriorate with age, a process that occurs primarily from the inside out. Topped off the coolant and replaced the cap. gl7 I've always changed them when they start to get soft--to keep them from collapsing and restricting coolant flow. Service department says this is normal for subarus as their cooling systems are so air tight. Sounds like your cap could be bad on the cooling part but for it collapsing under acceleration, it sounds like you may not have enough flow through the system and the waterpump is pulling more coolant than the system can supply. wxf quh The lower radiator hose is under suction. Would cool back down as soon as turbo boost was 10lbs. · Under normal circumstances, caps should release the . bx I had an old charger wi this problem, and it can cause the car to overheat. If the vacuum valve is stuck shut, or overflow hose is kinked, radiator hoses will collapse on cool-down. Drivers side, behind the back of the radiator under the air intake tube this part has a vacuum line going in the top and out the . I have a 2013 JKUR that is just about to run out of the 3/36 warranty. If the radiator is too small or partially plugged, the pump can collapse the hose. A properly functioning cap will hold 15-16 psi of pressure, and hold little vacuum in order to refill a cooled down system. 1z0 ss2 zj I wait about 10 minutes then pop the hood and I noticed the top radiator hose was collapsed! it had flattened out like a pancake!!. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 29, 2012. dg Usually, this is caused by a clog or constriction somewhere in the system. I once had a friend with a 68 383 RR, and had a SPRING in the lower hose. A hose goes bad from the inside out. What causes this ? Keep in mind that this hose is new !!! Mark J. Hello: Both upper and lower radiator hoses collapsed on the 1995 Mustang GTS I have been working on. Thus the reason that they have the spring in the lower to prevent collapsing. The oevrflow hose may be blocked or the radiator cap may not work as advertised anymore and is not letting any coolant from the overflow tank back into the radiator. or the return valve in the cooling system is stuck closed. There is a huge crack in the upper radiator hose. The best part is, our Chevrolet Corvette Upper Radiator Hose products start from as little as $0. I have recently replaced all my hoses and installed new ones. This will cost a few bucks but is far less than a new radiator. I changed the cap and since then, no more problem. ie; radiator, water pump, hoses, thermostat, radiator cap, serpentine belt. The upper rad hose collapses flat after the car has cooled down for a spell. I know that this is not normal. The coolant of a modern automobile operates in a sealed, pressurized environment. It's a 2005 model Opel/Vauxhall Astra turbo coupe (engine is Z20LET). 3 Reasons why your Radiator Hose is Collapsed. The system was just under pressure which is normal, but the top radiator hose should not be "collapsed" like you mention. The upper hose was collapsed and when I unscrewed the reservoir cap, the hose was back to normal. My timing on the Howell is 8 0 oil pressure is a little scarey. Either the vent in the overflow tank is plugged. Lately the upper radiator hose will collapse flat and the truck will sometimes run hot but does not overheat. A radiator hose sucked closed is usually a sign of a cap not operating correctly. Now its back to getting too hot even just idling for awhile, not sure if the radiator hose stopped getting flat because the newer one was stiffer or if that problem is solved. xd xgu I do not know any other reason why the upper would collapse when the engine is revved up. If the hose is collapsing when you rev the engine take it to the dealership and get it changed. I was revving the engine above 2000rpm when I noticed the top radiator hose would flatten out during acceleration. As the pressure in the system drops — when the engine is off and cooling down — the pressure cap allows the excess coolant in the overflow tank . This molded hose can be used to replace a molded radiator hose. If the thermostat doesnt open hoses can **** in on them selfs Watch hoses while at operating temperature and rev the vehicle while watching the radiator hoses,top and bottom,to see if they stay normal. ew zvg One hose collapsing maybe, but not two at the same time. In either case an inspection must be performed as a coolant hose that has collapsed cannot flow coolant properly. (no offense meant to any old wives here) It would be very difficult to collapse a hose with 16PSI on the system. Just give them a squeeze while you're checking the oil and other fluids. 5L RS to see how hard it would be to install a upgrade grounding kit, I noticed the upper radiator hose was just about fully collapsed. If this happens, inspect the cap to see if there is any damage. Moving the coolant through the engine properly plays a crucial role in protecting the engine. While revving the engine (at operating temp) during a fuel pressure test ('99 Intrigue 3. It took some wrangling (hah!) but I was able to get my dealer to replace my heater. The first time I noticed both hoses collapsed shut the motor off opened the radiator cap and the hoses opened back up. The difficulty starting especially cold starting in cold temperatures and the delayed acceleration and other acceleration problems and the temperature gauge goes up when stopped at lights. The hose going to the reservoir was open but when I unscrewed the cap, the hose expanded back to normal. Also, rotation makes no difference. Buildup of chemical deposits or debris in the cooling system will gradually constrict . That makes sense, if the cap leaks a little when hot as the water cools the pressure decreases and the cap forms a seal but as the volume of water has decreases you'll get a vacuum that collapses the tube. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 28. Molded lower radiator hoses tend to collapse with an increase in engine rpm because the water pump draws more coolant out of the radiator than the hose can handle — negative pressure at the. Is this normal? I know it doesn't have a spring in the hose to help keep its shape. I was changing out my leaky valve cover gasket today and I noticed my lower radiator hose was flat. 66-72 327/350 w/o AC Lower Radiator Hose (Replacement) Price: $34. Because the bottom hose is the suction side where the water pump sucks water out of the radiator and pushes it into the motor. 7d First and foremost, though, a collapsed radiator hose is the result of a vacuum condition. 2 days ago, my wfie was driving with A/C on a hot day on hilly highways. This morning was the second time the same ancillary coolant hose burst in my car. Chevy Corvette 1977, Elite™ Molded Radiator Hose by Continental® ContiTech™. Another common problem is clogging of the smaller radiator runoff. qpr 1998 Toyota Camry Joined Aug 31, 2010 · 222 Posts. 8L Series II 168K), I noticed the upper radiator hose collapsing. Collapses when she's all warmed up and I rev the engine or the temp will climb when. Happens consistently, the car runs fine otherwise, does not overheat. Radiator Hose Collapse When Cold? If the collapse happens when the engine is cold, it’s because the cooling system is in a state of vacuum. There is a allen bolt in the top of the water pump, pull that out ( it will dump coolant) and see if that releases the hold of the collapsed hoses. try this experiment,take a can with a screw on top,fill it 1/2 full of water,heat the water to boiling,put the cap back on,cool it under some running cold water and. I think it is an old wives tale. Joined Jun 1, 2005 · 42 Posts. So, why not purchase show quality radiator hoses for your Stingray that is perfect for the daily driver or weekend warrior. comWhy do you have a collapsed coolant hose? How do you resolve it? Starting at time 0:33 in the video, I explained why the coolant. Today I noticed that my top radiator hose was partially collapsed. A change of (used) heads had brought forth debri in the cooling system, which was plugging the bottom of the rad. When they start to collapse it usually indicates that the hose has gone soft and will probably fail.