Tyt RadioIt supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats. 00 ; TYT TH-7800 Dual Band Mobile Radio. The TYT MD-380 digital radio uses Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 Standard protocol. TYT MD-9600 Dual Band Mobile Radio Review. 08 cps version 1 x programming cable and analog communication experience. These versatile Part 90 radios have two working modes. The main lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride batteries. TYT covers politics, lifestyle, pop culture. 11 MD-UV380 Programming Software V1. Also features waterproof 6-pin for TH-8600 hand mic connector. Trying to find a DMR radio without costing an arm and a leg was difficult back in those days, particularly one that was worth a flip. On this radio we are mainly concerned about 2 menu options. 5nd TYT TH-7800 Dual Band Programming : 1-3-2016: TYT MD-2017 Programming Software DMR Zipped File Direct Download. Only compatible with the new dual band MD-UV380 Contains owners user instruction manual in PDF. It comes with four bands, which is incredible at this price. This item is the cable that using to connect your radio and PC, then write the program setting and frequency of the walkie-talkie by PC. As always, please customize this to your needs, and read below for things you MUST change in this codeplug before loading it into your own radio! TYT MD-380/390 This page is the home of a basic DMR codeplug for the Tytera MD-380/390 radio. (TDMA)digital function Dual time slot for repeater and point to point. TYT programming cable for the-9800 car vehicle mobile radio. Buy TYT Radio Equipment and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. If you don't have one already, you need to get a DMR ID. 1c The hole for the DB9 is hidden under a cover, and an AMP Mini-CT connector is present on the mainboard. 1tu Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or. iem RETEVIS Walkie Talkie has been widely used in all kinds of industry, we focus on business two-way radio, outdoor radio, children's partner radio, amateur radio. The audio is clear and loud, the 50W/40W full quad band is great at this price, it has twin display, there are 800 channels, direct entry keypad mic, can be programmed. TYT,TYT888,UHF,450-470Mhz,FM,transceiver,radio,,,,TYT-888,is,popular,for,its,small,size,,fashion,design,and,solid,structure. 8s Have your Radio identification number Handy that you got from DMR-MARC. TYT TH-UV98 Walkie Talkie 10W VHF UHF Dual Band Scrambler VOX FM Two Way Radio. FM radio receiver and 25 channels/Channel spacing selectable (25/12. TYT Radios ; TYT MD-380V DMR Handheld Radio. On the TYT, the DB9 is missing, but it is easy to install. The radio we will be using is the TYT UV8000E. Dedicated to the programming and operation of the. The QYT KT-8900R is an easy to use, tri band mobile with simultaneous receive as 25 Watts output on VHF and 20 watts on UHF. e1m yx TYT (Tytera) is a chinese manufacturer of commercial and amateur radios. tj1 It looks really nice, with a color display which is something the manufacturers from China have. With the most recent firmware release, however, TYT has made the unlock process much more simple. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READKindly provide your email address and agree to receive emails from Fleetwood Digital so we may send you the link to download the software and or man. The TYT TH-9800 is one of the more popular HAM radios out there, and that's for a reason. Most radios have just the single inline fuse in the positive wire. The radio reviewed below is the UV380. 5 or 4 watts on 144-148, 430-450 MHz. 65 Watt Heavy Duty Two Way VHF Mobile Transceiver with ctcss/dcs (PL & DPL). ENTERCONTACT free bootstrap themes. Power output is selectable at 0. All of their models can now be unlocked by holding down a key combination while powering on the radios. The Diamond CR-8900 cost me almost as. Looks like we're having trouble reaching TYT. TYT TC-8000 UHF400-520MHz VHF136-174MHz 10W Power Two Way Radio. sfu TYT TYT-BC Belt Clip for MD-380 and TH-UV88 Radios $3. q5q Many public service frequencies have converted to DMR, however. vp Apparently TYT locks new radios sold in the USA to 150-160MHz VHF and 450-460MHz UHF. The contents of the package include: 1 x TYT TH-350 tri-band ham radio (VHF / UHF / 220). This HT (Handheld Transceiver) is an excellent entry-level radio for those who want to get started in the hobby. ad Radio-Mart is essentially a retailer of Ham Radio equipment, We distribute for Heil Sound, LDG Electronics, Baofeng,TYT, Samlex and S9 antennas, all of the other equipment we sell can be classed as pre owned but all fully tested and in tip top. The purpose of the Radio-Mart web site is for the promotion of the fascinating hobby, Ham Radio. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. This unit packs many features. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. TYT 10 Watt Handheld VHF Radio High / Low Power Settings 10W/5W; Super penetrating power! Frequency Range: 76-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). TYT MD-UV380 issues with Windows 10 drivers - solution Hi everyone, Just wanted to post this for anyone else who is having problems getting their TYT MD-UV380 transceiver (and probably others as well) to talk with their Windows 10 based computer. You can get your ID for free here. The Alinco comes standard with a DB9 data port installed on the back of the radio. In this article, we’ll show how to unlock the TYT MD-9600 mobile radio, and the MD-380, MD-390, MD-UV380 and MD-2017 handheld radios. I have used it a few days & have 84 frequencies in memory. TYT MD-UV380/390 - Miklor outdoors hunting camping SHTF GMRS radio communications antenna battery electronics scanners digital computer software hardware laptop iPad iPhone eBay music radio TYT MD-UV380 / 390. Overall, the TYT MD-380 DMR/Moto TRBO Radio is an amazing DMR transceiver, which boasts of its solid and stable structure and the many nice and functional features that it holds that can greatly benefit most its users. TYT MD680 Digital Radio DMR UHF 16 CANALI 10W Two Way Radio. Tytera USB Programming Cable For the hardware list. Ooop! The email you entered isn't valid. The Alinco wiring is preferred as the same radio to URI cable would work on both the TYT and Alinco radios. TYT TH-9000D Car Mobile Transceiver 60W VHF 2M 144-148MHz Ham Radio 2 Way Radio with USB Programming Cable, Black 44 $155 99. Make sure your connection is working and try again. TYT is a manufacturer of quality portable handheld and mobile two way radios with powerful features at user friendly prices. m62 I’ve been thinking about the possibility of using a different mic with my TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Transceivers for a while now since the main issue I have with the radio is how hot the mic input is. I’ll be interested to see how both perform and check out on the meter since so many of the Chinese HT’s ship with terrible antennas. The package did not include the TYT programming cable for connecting to a PC. It has got plenty of power and features for a mobile radio of this size. With the stock antenna, it is a stretch to hit a repeater 3 miles out. But the TYT MD-380 is here to show that there are always exceptions to the rule. In order to meet the FCC policies, the frequency ranges of the TYT TH-9800 radios sold by Radioddity are locked in 28-29. Unlike its predecessor (MD380) The TYT MD-UV380 is a dual band (VHF/UHF) handheld with dual mode capability that can be used as both an analog and DMR transceiver. Radio radio radio radio radio radio. TYT TH-9000D 60W Car Mobile Radio 220-260MHz Ham Vehicle Transceiver 200 Channel. Thanks to the possibility to work also in analog mode, the use of the MD-750 radio will facilitate the migration from analog to digital system. The TYT MD-UV380 is the latest dual band portable DMR radio from TYT, a Chinese manufactuter of value priced DMR equipment. This is a new tyt radio antenna replacement for your vehicle now. This is sold separately even though it is a counterfeit that TYT proudly stamps their name on. The VHF version of this popular radio is not so commonly used since most of the VHF amateur DMR repeaters are in the Northeast US and the UK. Call for expert advice on all two-way radio equipment. receive Note:Only the manufacturer can programming through the usb prot. The TYT MD-750 handheld radio operates in analogue and digital modes using TDMA technology and is fully DMR compliant, Tier I and Tier II compliant. TYT TH-8600WP Dual Band 25 Watt Water-Resistant Mobile Radio. TYT Electronics has 15-years of experience in two-way radio manufacturing. TYT TH-UV8000D 10W Cross Band Radio. Note: TYT TH-9800 is the same as TH-9800 Plus after 2018, all the stock from Radioddity is the latest version of TH-9800 with the latest firmware and cross-band function. The MD-2017 is a dual band DMR digital radio with Tier 2 capabilities. Lithium-polymer Battery = 3600mAh. TYT TH-UV8000D Dual Band Ham Radio 10W, Cross-Band Repeater VHF 144-148/UHF 420-450mhz, Amateur Two-Way Radio W/Battery Eliminator FCC Certified Ham Mobile Radio: This Power Dual Band Handheld Transceiver comply with Part 15B + Part 97 (FCC ID: POD-ANG8). The Young Turks ( TYT) is an American progressive and left-wing news commentary show on YouTube that additionally appears on selected television channels. The TYT TH-9000 is the Amateur compliant transceiver, with commercial grade features. Here's a few pictures and initial thoughts. This feature-rich radio has very good build-quality despite its modest price. I have had a pair of TYT MD380 VHF for about 14 months and while I think these radios have their place, I am not sure if it is a radio that an amateur ought to be using. When you purchase the Tytera TYT-PROG-9600 programming cable, you will receive a FREE copy of our USB Radio Driver and Programming Software CD! This CD includes a driver that works with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and includes the programming software for Tytera DMR digital radios. Pickup your TH-9800 from one of these links:https://amzn. We are committed to providing the widest selection, competitive pricing and quality service. First is menu 6 and then menu 11. If you’re after a mobile HAM radio with quad band performance and do not want to spend a bomb, your options are indeed limited. Otherwise I'd recommend (as you have noted) plugging into a USB port on the computer. 1, and Windows 10 operating systems for 32 and 64 bit platforms. Try using the TYT software to read the radio and change the band settings and open it up to a wider range. Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by KI6PTN, Dec 15, 2016. TYT TH-9800 50W Quad Band Mobile Radio Woki Toki 2-Tone 5-Tone Car Transceiver $ 217. Is the CPS software for the device. Other values are selected from lists of those available in the radio keeping you from making a mistake with a "fat finger" entry. The TYT MD-9600 is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best dual band DMR radio for your car/truck. 6l There are no products in this category. 99 Out of stock TYT Belt Clip for MD-2017 and MD-390 Digital Radio $3. TYT TH-UV88 Two Way Radio Dual Band VHF/UHF Walkie Talkie. 1 x Adapter (input: 110-250V 50Hz). I can clearly hear the repeater for perhaps 5 miles. It’s an analogue dual band FM transceiver with an output power of 25W on 2m and 20W on 70cm. Ultra-high Output Power = 10Watt. There is no indication on the spec sheet for the output on low power, or even if there actually *is* a low power setting. Buy TYT TH-8600 Mini 25 Watt Dual Band Amateur Radio Base, IP67 Waterproof Radio VHF: 144-148mhz (2m) UHF:420-450mhz (70cm) Car Mobile Transceiver with Free Cable: Two-Way Radios - Amazon. There was a warning somewhere some months back about trying to use a Baofeng-style FTDI cable with the Tytera; it doesn't work, and may damage the radio. TYT (Tytera) are a Chinese 2 Way Radio manufacturer who burst onto the scene in 2015 with the MD-380 digital two way radio. Turn the VFO knob, and it stops. 7MHz,50-54MHz,144-148MHz,420-450MHz cause harmful interference to radio or television reception. The device is rated 45-50W of transmission power. Thanks to KB4RMA ordering a 2-pack of these I have a new radio to test, a TYT TH-UV8000D. This usb tyt programming cable will allow pc programming of your md-280, md-380, md-390 and md-680 two way radio. 99 Add to Cart TYT MD-380 Replacement On/Off/Volume Switch. TYT TH-UVF9 Dual Band Handheld Radio 136-174/400-470Mhz. Use Time-Division Multiple-Access. Your First Name: Your Email Address: Home · Amateur Ham Radio · VHF UHF Transcievers · VHF UHF Handheld; TYT. Has gps review, with, and none will help you. Compatible with Mototrbo Tier Ⅰ & Ⅱ Dual time slot. It combines excellent features with a reasonable price point. It features a full color display (rare for this type of radio), let’s you switch between an analog or digital signal and, (in digital mode), can be used to send text messages. 92 100% Brand New and original cable. BridgeCom Systems AnyTone AT-D878UV Radio. To get started: Download CHIRP for your platform. TYT MD-UV390 is a duo band DMR for both VHF and UHF bands. TYT MD-UV380 Amateur Ham Radio Programming Software. Also, I have found it easier to use the TYT software for programming the radio than doing it manually. The UV390 is the same radio with a waterproof case. Please include your username, and the email address associated with your account. fu Mobile Radio Jumper for TYT TH-8600Connects to external speaker jack,hand mic port, and intercom. 8q Only 12 left in stock - order soon. TYT TH-7800 50W Dual Band Dual Display Repeater Car Truck Ham Radio Output Power: 50/20/10/5W(144MHz), 35/20/10/5W(430MHz). RT Systems software works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. All pushed in real time to all your devices with your favorite content. Chinese ham radios often get a bad reputation among enthusiasts. xn The TYT cable is a "dumb" cable with no FTDI chip (it's built into the MD380). TYT MD-UV390 GPS model is a Dual Band DMR/Analog radio. Programming Software and Firmware. I had to use a combination of software with my 9800 just to get TX inhibit to work on some channels. It's an analogue dual band FM transceiver with an output power of 25W on 2m and 20W on 70cm. The TYT TH-UVF1 is an affordable 2 meter/440 handheld amateur transceiver with extended receive including the FM broadcast band. Dual band, dual display, dual standby/2*128 channels to store. 76 TYT Electronics, radios and walkie talkies TYT ELECTRONICS Best communication Complete range of Walkie talkies and Radios, connecting you to seamless communication networks, applications and services, by providing you with real-time information, and by arming you with intuitive, professionals advices and devices. Buy TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band VHF/UHF 136-174Mhz/400-480Mhz Handheld Two Way Radio (Ham) at Amazon UK. I hate a Yaesu so it was a easy choice buying the TYT & it was new from a friend who decided he wanted an all mode HF/6 meter radio & he purchased an ICOM 7200 & sold the TYT to me for a lot less than an new one. TYT or Tytera MD380 VHF version as scanner. The TYT-9000D is a clone of the Alinco DR-138. The MD-UV380 is physically identical to the popular TYT MD-380 monoband portable DMR radio, however operates as a dual band radio, similar to the TYT MD-2017 dual band portable DMR radio. Sinotel UK Limited TYT TH-446 PMR446/UHF/70 cm handheld transceiver with FM broadcast radio reception [TH-446] - TYT TH-446 PMR446/70 cm handheld . Then write a channel or 2 to it and then try the RT software from there. TYT TH-9000D Mobile Car Radio VHF 144-148MH 65W 200 Channels Vehicle Transceiver. If you don’t have one already, you need to get a DMR ID. Click on your TYT handheld radio model for details. Make a Backup copy of the code-plug you received or downloaded before you start, in case any thing goes wrong, you will have a good copy. This page is my attempt to put together all the information about this radio. 0MHz) with LED Flashlight + Free Earpiece. This is a number that identifies you on the Brandmeister DMR network. TYT UV8000D VHF+UHF, CTCSS/DCS 10w TOT VOX two way radio best price handheld walkie talkie repeater. TH-9800 Updated 5-24-19 7-15-17: TYT TH-UV88 Zipped File Direct. Description: Long Standby Time = 260hrs. You can setup the radio, through programming software, to operate as an amateur transceiver or a professional transceiver. Today we are going to be talking about the TYT Quad Band Transceiver, the TH-9800. TYT TH-9000 Programming Cable Win 8 Driver Zip. ncs Prev:TYT TC-5000 Two Way Radio CTCSS/DCS Walkie Talkie with COMP & Scrambler function Next:BAOFENG UV-5RA+ Plus(Blue) Dual Band Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio 1750Hz Brust Tone FM Radio (65. The mini size, simple design, excellent quality and full-range VHF 136-174MHz 240-260MHz and UHF 400-480MHz allowing you to enjoy the fun of ham radio with your friends. Price Match Promise and Free UK Delivery on orders over £100. 7Mhz, 50-54Mhz, 144-148MHz and 420-450MHz. Tyt Th-9000 Series Two-Way Radio Programming Software & Cable Kit with the rps-9000 software, you can begin a new "factory fresh" file into which frequencies and option settings are entered. 4) Follow the instructions within the TYT firmware updater. 2 x Antennas (1 x 144/430 MHz 1 x 220 MHz). TYT TH-UV98 10W VHF UHF dual band scrambler VOX FM Analog handheld talkie walkie TYT Portable Two way Radio 10km 200CH Features: -Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Standby -DOT-MATRIX LCD display -High/Medium/Low Power Selectable -10W Output Power -Scrambler -VOX -FM Analog Radio -2/5 tones DTMF -1750Hz Tone -Channel/Frequency Scan Specifications: General Channel 200 Operating Voltage 7. The radio's back panel DB9 connector can be wired the same as the inline pin numbers or as shown in the chart above using the Alinco pinout. TYT TH-9000D 220 - 220MHz Mono-band Mobile Radio. The TYT MD-380 is probably the most famous DMR radio out there as just about everyone I know of started DMR with this radio. Dual band mobile transceiver TYT MD-9600-GPS. It is important to recognize that there are several digital modes used in ham radio, and they are not compatible. Is the legal brand of Quanzhou TYT Electronics Co. They design in-house to produce shells, antennas, keypads and more. i5 There is DMR, widely used by Motorola ( . k6 If your Radio did not come with a USB Programming cable, Make sure you have the right cable! The Tytra/TYT MD-380 DMR Radio uses a. Getting Started in DMR – Setting Up Your TYT MD-380/390 Radio First things first. Menu 6 gives you both frequencies on top and bottom of the screen at the same. a5g Leather case for Tytera MD-380 handheld radio, comes with plastic window for viewing of the screen and keypad, delivered with carr £11. Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 2/15/22 - 11/4/26. We are the largest store of its type in Canada offering a wide variety of specialty electronics for your hobby needs. Is it worth its reputation? Read on and find out! Around the end of the 2016 year, the TYT MD-380 was released quietly to radio enthusiasts. The radio is IP-67 rated and thus withstands harsh environments. I recently picked up a TYT TH-UV88 hoping to have a cheap option for backroads use in Canada. This radio is a clone of the Yaesu FT-8900 but at about $180-200 cheaper! By clone, I am this thing LOOKS exactly like the FT-8900 with the exception of the brand name. The radio is wired so it comes on when I start the car, and sometimes the radio will constantly beep when powered on. TYT TH-9000D Mobile Radio 200CH High Power High/Mid/Low Walkie Talkie 136-174MHZ. It is also compatible with any existing analog two-way radio operating on the supported UHF frequencies for. TYT serves as the flagship program of the TYT Network, a multi-channel network of associated web series focusing on news and current events. 7MHz,50-54MHz,144-148MHz,420-450MHz radio radio radio. TYT TH-9800 Plus Quad Band 50W Mobile Car Radio. If your Internet connection is working properly, there may be a problem with our servers. It will work in both analogue and digital modes and has two on . 5mm Mono plug for external speaker jack on radio 5-pin female connector for connectivity to Rugged headsets or intercom cabling. These radios are popular due to their relatively low cost and versatility. As far as I know, this is the cheapest radio that has an ISED certification number for land mobile use, which is a special class of radios that operate outside of the designated amateur bands. 99 Add to Cart TYT MD-380 Replacement 2. radio Receiver Note:The Radio can be installed in transportation vehicles only. oqt Because of the US import restrictions on amateur radio transceivers being locked down, some Chinese manufacturers have electronically limited the 'out of the . Our RETEVIS products have got FCC, IC, CE, ROHS, PSE, RCM, TELEC and JATE certifications. Brand name:TYT FCC ID:PODTH-9800 radio. It is a 10 watt dual band radio that have a cross band repeater feature which makes it a great addition to your comms plan. TYT TH-UV3R Dual Band Two way Radio VHF/UHF Portable Ham Radio Walkie Talkies. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Largest Online News Show in the World. TYT is renowned for their DMR digital transceivers, which are very popular among amateur users for their reliability, durability and high performance. 99 Add to Cart TYT TH-7800 User Manual $4. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > KI6PTN Ham Member QRZ Page. There are many good reviews of the MD-380 (and other products in the TYT Range) - not only in the way it operates but also its robust build and looks. WooHoo! You subscribed successfully. MD-UV390 automatically detects . Join our community of progressive activists for FREE. W4KVW Rating: 2020-10-06; Well worth the investment Time Owned: more than 12 months. Compare Now (0) Your Recent History. TYT TH-9000D 220MHz 55 Watts Mobile Transceiver. nis The TYT TH-9800 QuadBand Transmit, Twin Receive, Dual Display FM Radio Transceiver for the 10 Meter, 6 Meter, VHF 2 meter & UHF 70cm Bands! * Loaded with features, Over 800 AlphaNumeric Memory channels! True automatic cross band repeater mode, Twin simultaneous Receive, w/seperate Vol & Squelch controls! * Multiple Tuning Steps,. TYT is renowned for their DMR . brx The TYT MD-9600 GPS Digital two-way Mobile Ham radio gives you the clear, noise-free sound of live d. Shop tyt radio with free shipping and free return. Pick your favorite topics, hosts, shows, and canidates. Getting Started in DMR - Setting Up Your TYT MD-380/390 Radio First things first. This radio can be used on the BC Forest Logging Roads, and can be programmed to the Resource Road frequencies and the standard LAD or Open highway / freeway channels for Western Canada! When in this mode you will select the pre-programmed channels to use, (RR. 99 Add to Cart TYT Side Port Cover for MD-2017 Digital Radio $4. We are proud to be an Authorized TYT Dealer. A Windows computer is required for most. The TYT MD-380 TRBO Ham Radio uses DMR technology to produce crystal clear audio quality across multiple bands. This page contains programming software and firmware updates for various digital radios, including models from Connect Systems (CS580, CS700, CS750 and CS800), Tytera / TYT (MD-380 and MD-390), Baofeng (DM-5R), Retevis (RT3 and RT8) and Zastone (D900). 2 minutes later, radio is unlocked! 5) I went on to use the RT TH-8600 programming software to fully configure my now TYT factory fresh and unlocked radio. TYT TH-7800 50W Dual Band Dual Display Ham Radio. NOTE: I noticed that there are several more options avail to configure thru the RT software for the TYT than there are for the ABM25. However, the TYT TH-9800 manages to be a great option that manages to be both surprisingly affordable and offer great quad band performance. TYT TH-9000D 136-174MHz 60W Car Truck Mobile Ham Radio. Li-ion Battery 1400mAh for TYT TH-UV88 Walkie Talkie. CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. Hi/Low power selective · DMR products. Hot Sale TYT MD-750 2020 DMR Radio 5W Dual band FM Radio with Encryotion Torching Function Two way Radio Features CTCSS/ DCS Dual time slot Programmable CTCSS/ DCS 5W output power Wide/ Narrow band selectable Contact view and edit 1750Hz tone Message view and edit DTMF encode/ decode Call info view and edit Torch function. Hey everyone! It's me, ladyada! I recently got my Amateur Radio License ('HAM ticket') and I wanted to start out with a radio that's both inexpensive, easy to use, and fun to hack! After seeing some videos from CCC about the MD-380, I thought this radio is the one for me to start with. l8 1n1 vv 64 Sold By: Two Way Radio Select options; Sale! TYT TH-UV88 Dual-band Two-Way Radio UHF VHF Handheld Walkie Talkie $ 88. 50W output power for 144MHz and 35W for 430MHz. TYT TH-9000 Programming Cable Win 8 Driver : 2011-09-13. Supplier of new and used 2 way communication radios including Kenwood, tyt, baofeng, qyt, uhf, vhf, dual band, hand held and mobile. Manual Programming instructions for the TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Amateur Radio. This unit packs many features, including, dual band VHF (136 – 174 MHz) and UHF (400 – 480 MHz) operation, loud audio, a large LCD display, front panel programmability, rugged construction, plus much more. The radio is a 10w/5w VHF/UHF with all of the normal features you see on the Chinese HT's. mk It’s terribly sensitive and will over modulate my audio unless I rest the mic in my. sxq Any radio tech out there willing to take a look at a TYT TH-9800? Left side does not transmit, and leftside receive sounds like this:. Waterproof battery (IP67) for TYT portable FM radio and digital DMR Tytera MD-390, with a high capacity of 2200mAh. There doesn't seem to be a good place for documentation, tips and hints for the TYT TH-8600 amateur radio. This is the second DMR Radio I've purchased . 6xr Select Product Type: All UV Series MD Series Mobile Car Radio. Welcome to TYT Electronics TYT ELECTRONICS Best communication Walkie talkies and radios to connecting you to seamless communication networks, applications and services, by providing you with real-time information, and by arming you with intuitive, professionals advices and devices. e3 Frequency Band:136-174 & 400-480MHz. The main category is TYT MD-380 DMR Digital Two Way Radio that is about Links about the TYT MD-380 DMR Digital Two Way Radio. Dual band: TX: 134-174MHz and 400-480MHz; AM/FM RX: 108-180MHz, 134-174MHz and 350-520MHz. 5 KHz) Hand free VOX function/CTCSS & DCS encoding and decoding. e00 TYT TC-8000 UHF400-520MHz or VHF136-174MHz 10W Power Two Way Radio. vg There are many good reviews of . The picture shown above is UV380. Is the hardware list or nickel-metal hydride batteries. The tyt md-380 and software tyt cable allows you. This link is listed in our web site directory since Monday Apr 6 2020, and till today " TYT MD-380 firmware modification " has been followed for a total of 167 times. ey Both are available with and without the GPS option. Copyright 2022 Main Trading Company. 200 Alphanumeric Channels, Full Keypad Microphone. Hosted by Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian. It is compatible with the popular MOTO TRBO series Tier I and II using standard encryption, as well as other makes and models of DMR supported radios. The TYT MD-9600 is a dual band (VHF and UHF) DMR mobile radio from TYT – a Chinese manufacturer of value priced DMR equipment. For any technical issues, specifically pertaining to member services, please directly email: [email protected] Once you have your ID, you can program your radio. TYT Radios We are proud to be UK TYT Distributors Quick Links: Radio Hire, Spare Parts, Tytera Radio Programming. In this article, we'll show how to unlock the TYT MD-9600 mobile radio, and the MD-380, MD-390, MD-UV380 and MD-2017 handheld radios. TYT ELECTRONICS Best communication Walkie talkies and radios to connecting you to seamless communication networks, applications and services, by providing you with real-time information, and by arming you with intuitive, professionals advices and devices. TYT Radio Programming Software & USB Cables We have created the most up-to-date TYT programming software for mobile and handheld amateur radios. The TYT TH-9000 series of mono-band mobile transceivers provide great value. mq TYT MD-380 DMR Digital Radio, VHF Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie, Transceiver Compatible with Mototrbo, Up to 1000 Channels, with Color LCD Display, Cable and 2 Antenna (High Gain One included) 49 Currently unavailable.